Harvest Time

So recently it really feels like harvesting time here at the moment. My father has been bringing my 8yr old daughter and 4yr old son out for adventures at the weekend foraging for edible goodies. They have so far brought me home bags and bags of apples, hazelnuts, blackberries, raspberries and courgettes and tomatoes from my dads greenhouse. They also brought back sloes for my stepmum, and soon they are going to get me rosehips for me to make rosehip syrup. They have to wait until after the first frost for that though.

This is the first year that I’ve getting woodland goodies, and so I have to find out how to use them. The raspberries and blackberries are delicious with yogurt, the hazelnuts we can eat on their own or add to baking, the apples are getting eaten or made into crumbles and desserts. This week I got a bag of crab apples handed to me along with the suggestion of making crab apple jelly. So I’m going to have to do some research and find a recipe – and then see if there’s a way of altering it (if necessary) to fit within my other halfs diet restrictions.

We have loads of tomatoes and courgettes from both our garden and my parents, so myself and the kids have lots of cherry tomatoes added to our meals and I’m making simple and delicious tomato soup (and gorgeous brown bread mmm) and the courgettes are being added to soups and making courgette bread, very similiar to banana bread. I’m enjoying how easy it is to make and enjoy these at the moment.

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