Wedding Planning!

So I am getting married in just over six months!  We’re not having a traditional formal wedding – it will be more like a fun party to celebrate our marriage.

I’m starting to make plans now, so I am glued to Pinterest and searching wedding sites. My head is completely melted with the amount of things that I’m finding. We basically have zero budget, so everything will have to be DIY – which means a lot of work for me (and whoever I can rope in!) – and the venue we’re having the party in is a Rugby Club so we will have to decorate the room, and bring in all our own things for it.

I think I have decided on a “colour scheme”. I came across this image on google and thought it was just gorgeous (think it might have been something for sale on etsy, I can’t remember details now, I just took a screenshot at the time!)


I’m using this as my inspiration for planning. I’m saving all my baby food jars, I’m keeping an eye out for candle stick holders, glass jars and I’m scouring through all the websites bookmarking things I love – which is an awful lot of stuff. Its going to take me weeks to go through and decide what I’m going to actually do.

I also realised that with six months to go (and a Communion to arrange in a few months first) I’m going to have to get organised, and get a move on in actually creating things. I have decided February is going to be my month to plan, and then after that each month I will complete one “project”.

Nice and optimistic! 🙂


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