Wedding Planning!

Its FOUR months until our wedding. And I’ve pretty much done no planning. Ooops! I think what happened was that I came to a blank after sitting down and writing the guest lists. And the numbers came out huge. So then I had to work on scaling back. And its still high enough. So I think that I realised its possible our venue can’t handle the numbers, so I stopped planning anything until I visited the venue again. But I didn’t organise to go see the venue… and the months ticked by!

(Gosh, a lot of “so”‘s there, sounds like a long winded excuse!)

So… last night we went to see our venue again. I might have mentioned already that we’re not having a traditional wedding, its more like a party to celebrate the fact of us getting married (the day before the party!) – hence our venue is a local rugby club. Which will fit lots of people, as long as you don’t want them to sit down all at once. Which of course at a wedding party, you might.

We needed to find out what size the rooms were, get an idea of what tables and chairs are available to us. Generally we needed to see if there was any hope of us fitting in all the people on my scaled back list! Remembering of course that there will also be a lot of children as its a family fun day style wedding!

We got our measurements, our table and chair options and I took photographs of pretty much every angle of the rooms. We did get some ideas of where certain things can go, like the food buffet table. But I’m still at a bit of a loss as to where everyone is going to fit. We’re trying to come up with clever ways of making the outside part of it (with gazebo style coverings) but even though it will be August, the Irish weather is unpredictable so that could be a disaster.

The positive note from it though is that at least we are now armed with the information – and we can start to make plans. Real, proper, lets-do-this plans!

Our allotment!

This year as well as growing some fruit and veg in our back garden (and hopefully some spoils coming from my Dads too!), we have taken an allotment. My other half has spent a bit of time working on it, and has some of the beds sown. We went up for a visit yesterday – and we got snowed and hailed on! It is looking great.



He made the gate last week, and put it up. We have our drills of potatoes down at the back, the centre part is sown with onions (and garlic I think).

DSC_0116 (Potatoes)    DSC_0117 (Onions)

And we still have plenty of space to put in more vegetables. There is some cabbage going in the side part. We have leeks and cucumber germinating in our kitchen window so we still have to create beds for them.


Its very exciting seeing the plot take shape and to look forward to everything starting growing. The kids loved being up there. They are creating a separate closed in area over one side for children to play in, with some fruit trees.

Managing my time – to get some “me time” in!

I have recently joined a camera club, and I want to start to learn to use my camera properly and try to take great photos. The problem is time. I really don’t know where to find the time to practice with my camera, let alone get out to get good shots, and then learn how to edit them!

Time management has never been a strong point, but today I took a bath and started to read a book. Which was lovely, but I’m not sure when that will happen again for me to keep reading the book! And then I realised I don’t get time to do things that I would class as my hobbies – card making and arts and crafts, baking, reading books, photography – and I’m even miles behind on my tv shows! I have decided I have to work out ways to fit it all, or even some of it, in!

This could be spurred on by the fact that the book I started is about a working mother who has zero “me time” and is unhappy with the way her life is going. But whatever the reasons, it is a good realisation to have and hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll find some solutions!

Have a beautiful day!

Just a little post to wish you all a lovely day! The sun is shining and it makes everything bright and lovely. (I just heard on the radio that it might be the last of these sunny days for a while – so make the most of it!)

I’ve been a little bit quiet because I’ve finally started to make it a priority to get out on the treadmill and get some exercise! I’m delighted to be finally getting my act together, but it does take up my morning slot (where Baba Z takes her nap, and I was trying to get on here!)

And of course with the beautiful weather, we’ve been trying to stay out and about as much as possible too!

Have a lovely day today. Days like this aren’t too common in Ireland, so we really do have to make the most of them. Wherever in the world you are, I hope you’re having a lovely day! 🙂

New week, back to routine

Its a new week, the kids are back to school – and I’m back on track! (thats the plan!)

I love having the kids off on school holidays because we have so much more freedom and can do loads. But I also love when they go back to school because its starting back into routine and structure – and supposedly its easier to get things done when you have a routine!

I have never been good with routine. The kids have always had a bedtime, but I don’t have a bedtime. We don’t have exact mealtimes. We manage to fit in eating, homework and activities every day but sometimes it can be quite stressful and rushed! But I am always striving for routine, and trying to “organise myself”!

So we’re back to school today, so its the new routine. We’ve slowly been reducing after school activities so we technically have more time (for the kids to play outside!). So I’m hoping to introduce a bedtime for myself and plan my own meals out in advance, so that I don’t end up snacking on junk while trying to decide what to eat.

(Today didn’t start great, I’ve had coffee but no breakfast because I was too exhausted last night to make up my overnight oats – but I kind of know what I’m going to have for lunch, so thats a start!)

Do you have any tips or advice on how I can help to organise myself?

Silver Lining!

I saw this beautiful sky and I had to take a photo… of course it didn’t come out fully the way I wanted but its still nice.


I am a silver lining person. I always look for the silver lining in everything. I don’t even mean to, it just comes out “…well it could….” or “…well at least….”

Even though it is pretty much automatic, I do think it is a positive trait! Although I recently noticed that when a friend was going through a rough patch, and definitely did not want the positive slant on the situation, I found myself deleting parts of messages, and stopping myself mid sentence! (Until she was ready 😉 )

I also have way of looking at things from all the different angles – which is great at times, but it means that I automatically play devils advocate, which can get me some strange looks when I’m with people who don’t know me well (and I’m defending something crazy haha!). Over the years friends would come to me and ask me to explain why a friend or boyfriend thinks or feels a certain way, and I’d give a list of possible reasons! (Of course I don’t necessarily think I’m always right, but I can come up with different options which let my friends look at things differently!)

What positive personality traits do you have that you like? (By the way I also have lists of negative traits too! For another day maybe!)


Grilling Grapefruit

I came across a post somewhere recently saying that grapefruit (among other things) was great for boosting your metabolism and aiding weight loss. Now, I love grapefruit – but the post had some ideas for how to make grapefruit easier to eat – and this was one of the ideas.


Very simple. Cut the grapefruit in half, sprinkle on some cinnamon and sugar, and grill. Its quite tasty.

Now my other half doesn’t really like grapefruit, and he didn’t think that this helped it at all. But I love it, and found it really nice.

Have you tried this before?

Our Pups! 6wks old :)

It is such a beautiful day here today! The kids are having a great time playing outside with their friends, I’m getting load after load of laundry done (great drying out there 😉 ) – I almost thought I had an empty laundry basket but found some more clothes in Princess P’s room!

I took some pics of our gorgeous pups yesterday! So cute I had to share 🙂




I hope you’re all getting to make the most of the weather. Its supposed to be here until Friday, so another lovely day to look forward to tomorrow! 🙂

Clickety Baby?

Does anyone have any experience of a clickety baby?

My one year old is a very clicky baby, and has been from the very start. She got an x-ray at 6 months for her hips which came back clear, and got another one after her first birthday because she’s walking with her hip rotated out, but that also came back clear. Its not just her legs that click, her shoulder and knees click when you dress her. Its strange.

My other half is very worried about her, he says he has never come across it, but the doctor said its nothing to worry about. We’d love to hear from anyone who has come across this before though, just for reassurance!

Happy Easter!


A belated Happy Easter! Its still Easter Monday, so Easter weekend so I’m just getting in there on time 😉

We had a lovely weekend here, full of chocolate and goodies!

I woke up to a beautiful Easter basket and a bunch of flowers from my other half. I’m following the Slimming World plan, so even though I won’t deny myself the chocolate, I’m trying to eat lots of fruit alongside it. So this is what I came down to:


There are so many Easter eggs here in the house at the moment, even if we let the kids eat chocolate constantly for days there’ll still be chocolate here!


This isn’t even half the eggs! 🙂