New week, back to routine

Its a new week, the kids are back to school – and I’m back on track! (thats the plan!)

I love having the kids off on school holidays because we have so much more freedom and can do loads. But I also love when they go back to school because its starting back into routine and structure – and supposedly its easier to get things done when you have a routine!

I have never been good with routine. The kids have always had a bedtime, but I don’t have a bedtime. We don’t have exact mealtimes. We manage to fit in eating, homework and activities every day but sometimes it can be quite stressful and rushed! But I am always striving for routine, and trying to “organise myself”!

So we’re back to school today, so its the new routine. We’ve slowly been reducing after school activities so we technically have more time (for the kids to play outside!). So I’m hoping to introduce a bedtime for myself and plan my own meals out in advance, so that I don’t end up snacking on junk while trying to decide what to eat.

(Today didn’t start great, I’ve had coffee but no breakfast because I was too exhausted last night to make up my overnight oats – but I kind of know what I’m going to have for lunch, so thats a start!)

Do you have any tips or advice on how I can help to organise myself?

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