Wedding Planning!

Its FOUR months until our wedding. And I’ve pretty much done no planning. Ooops! I think what happened was that I came to a blank after sitting down and writing the guest lists. And the numbers came out huge. So then I had to work on scaling back. And its still high enough. So I think that I realised its possible our venue can’t handle the numbers, so I stopped planning anything until I visited the venue again. But I didn’t organise to go see the venue… and the months ticked by!

(Gosh, a lot of “so”‘s there, sounds like a long winded excuse!)

So… last night we went to see our venue again. I might have mentioned already that we’re not having a traditional wedding, its more like a party to celebrate the fact of us getting married (the day before the party!) – hence our venue is a local rugby club. Which will fit lots of people, as long as you don’t want them to sit down all at once. Which of course at a wedding party, you might.

We needed to find out what size the rooms were, get an idea of what tables and chairs are available to us. Generally we needed to see if there was any hope of us fitting in all the people on my scaled back list! Remembering of course that there will also be a lot of children as its a family fun day style wedding!

We got our measurements, our table and chair options and I took photographs of pretty much every angle of the rooms. We did get some ideas of where certain things can go, like the food buffet table. But I’m still at a bit of a loss as to where everyone is going to fit. We’re trying to come up with clever ways of making the outside part of it (with gazebo style coverings) but even though it will be August, the Irish weather is unpredictable so that could be a disaster.

The positive note from it though is that at least we are now armed with the information – and we can start to make plans. Real, proper, lets-do-this plans!

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