Sick baba’s

Yesterday I sat under my baby all day. Or so it felt. Reality is it wasn’t all day, but it felt like that because until 5.30pm I didn’t get a chance not to be minding sick kids.

Baba Z did not sleep a wink the night prior, and finally fell asleep for an hour at 7am on her Daddy’s chest on the couch downstairs. And while they were on the couch The Boy was throwing up in the bathroom, so I was taking care of that – while unable to keep my eyes open from the exhaustion of no sleep the night before (its catching up from last week too of The Boy having croup and Baba Z screaming through the nights).

So yesterday morning we swopped over and I took Baba Z on me, and Daddy brought Princess P to school and headed on about his day. The baby did actually go for a short nap after our doctors visit but I was with The Boy, who was pretty much better but I still wanted to make sure he knew he could also get my full attention when he wasn’t well.

When the baby got up, she was very sad and she was not well. She tried to play, but just cried and cried. I got her up on my chest and got her to sleep. And thats how we stayed until 5.30pm. I had to call the other half to leave what he was doing and collect Princess P from school because I didn’t want to disturb the baby.

Even though I hate the kids being sick, I enjoyed the cuddles and the snoozing together. Baba Z is extremely independent, even though she’s very attached to me and her Daddy, she does not want to cuddle and snuggle, she wants to be adventuring and moving on to the next piece of divilment she can. So to have her cuddled up on me, asleep, was lovely. Of course though I was relieved when she started to feel better, but I enjoyed the few hours of just sitting under my baby.


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