Sock Mountain!

This is something that we have in our house – but I don’t think other households do.

Some of my friends and family think I’m crazy for doing it this way, but I find that it really is much easier and works for our household.

Basically I have a specific bag hanging in my utility room (the room is basically a closet that fits the washing machine and a basket of clothes!!) and when dirty socks end up in the wash pile I take them out and put them in this bag. The ideal is that the socks are paired up before going into the bag! Every few weeks when I notice the sock drawers are running low, I do “sock mountain”.

I pour out the bag of socks, and find pairs and put the pairs (separated) into an empty laundry basket. When I have found all the pairs, I put the odds back into the bag and put the basket of dirty socks into the washing machine.


When washed them come straight out and into the dryer, making sure none escape! When dry I bring them into the sitting room and dump them out on the floor in a “sock mountain” and get the kids to do their part!


They sort through the pile of clean socks, putting ones that look alike on top of each other – all pink socks together, all Daddy’s black socks in one pile, school socks in a different pile – you get the idea.


Then its back to me. I come back in and actually pair them all up, and put in piles for each different room.


Then the two older kids bring down their sock drawers, fill them and bring them back up. And I don’t have to think about socks for another few weeks!

What do you think of that? Crazy or genius?!

One of my friends thought it sounded like a lot of work. A family member was horrified about how many socks we all have (which we need for them to last a few weeks!). I love the fact that I don’t get odd socks coming out of the washing machine – I still have odd socks, but I know that its not the washing machine that has eaten them! (They’re usually hiding down the side of the bed now!) It used to really annoy me having odd socks coming out of the wash in dribs and drabs.

It is a bit of extra work all in one go, but then its over and done with for another few weeks. It works for us!


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