Little walks add up to big miles!

About two or three months ago, I started using the treadmill and I could feel my shin splints coming on. I went over to a fitness store, where they analyse your gait and check your pronation and they advise which style of runners would be best for you.

When we were looking at options, the store assistant asked me about my exercise habits and from what I told her she advised a particular pair. I asked would they still be suitable if I increased my exercise, she said yes that they would give enough support up about ten miles a week (if I can remember correctly) – and I said well thats grand I won’t reach that anyway!

Last night I logged into my “mapmywalk” ( account on the computer – all my exercise over the past few weeks is logged there. This week I have walked/jogged almost THIRTEEN miles. Already, there’s still three days to go!

I was really suprised. It really goes to show that the one or two miles here and there add up. This week I’ve been adding little walks into my day as well as my scheduled walks/jogs, things like walking up to do the playschool collection or walking to my pilates class.

When I look back over last month, I was averaging about 7 miles a week, so you can really see how the added walking has increased it. It really goes to show that all the little changes you make can add up to a big difference.

I’m very impressed with myself. I’m quite proud to see the numbers!

I am also now thinking I should check back in with the footwear store and see should I be upgrading my runners! 🙂


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