Not my story to tell?

This is something I would love to hear feedback from other bloggers on. It is something that comes into my mind a lot when I think of things I would like to write about. It is something I struggle with.

A lot of my life time stories are not just MY stories. There are other people involved. I would come from a relatively private family, my family don’t get involved in gossip or talk about other people (so much so that about two weeks ago I realised that my Dad hadn’t told any of his family about my wedding that he’s known about since last year and is happening in less than three months!) But I am very aware of other people’s feelings, and other people not wanting their lives to be shared.

I am quite an open person. I have been through a lot of experiences in my life, and I know that by sharing them I can help people. I feel that talking about things is very important, and that by talking it lets other people know that things that they are going through are normal. And by knowing that how you are feeling or thinking, or what you are going through, is normal, it often helps. As they say “a problem shared is a problem halved” – and usually it just takes someone to start the ball rolling to make others feel comfortable about opening up.

I am aware that a lot of my experiences are interlinked with other peoples experiences.

I am also aware that family and friends could be seeing my life and views via the blog, and that a throwaway comment on any subject could be misconstrued by anyone and cause hurt or upset.

What are your views on this? As I said at the start, I do struggle with this so would be very interested to hear some opinions!


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