A speed bump in my exercise

I was pretty gutted on Saturday night to get out for a walk with my other half, to only get a small way up the road and realise that I couldn’t go on with the pain.

Shin splints.

A few years ago I was “training” for a mini marathon and I got shin splints. I learned at that time that my footwear was extremely important, so since then every time I am exercising I make sure to have good runners. A few months ago I went and got my gait analysed and bought runners that they recommended (even though they were a step down from what I was previously wearing), according to my then exercise amounts. As you may remember from my post Little walks add up to big miles
I had remembered they had told me that the runners would give support to about 10 miles. So last week I went back over and talked to them and bought a new pair of more supportive runners with more cushioning.

On Friday night I tried them out, but couldn’t run and walking even hurt but I thought I would still be fine. Until Saturday night.

So I’ve been doing a lot of research in to shin splints – and basically “active rest” until the pain is gone. Active rest means to still exercise, but to rest the shins, so swim, stationary bike or cross trainer. It makes it a bit more difficult because I can’t do any of them with Baba Z with me, like I can with the walking. I thought an exercise dvd might be ok but the skipping and bouncing was too much impact so I just did the upper body parts.

I’m really going to have to find ways around this and make sure to keep exercising, so that in a few weeks I can start back the walking and running!


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