Coconut Oil Deodorant

I’ve had an ongoing issue with deodorants and antiperspirants for the last few years. I know there are so many chemicals in them, so I have been looking for alternatives. But I also don’t want to smell. I have ranged between a crystal type stick to a 48 hour roll on to all sorts of sprays, and still struggle with what works best and is also healthiest.

The other day I ran out all of my deodorants, so had to use my other half’s strong smelling spray. I was later at playgroup and I said to my friend that all I could smell was my other half because of using his deodorant. She said that she hasn’t used deodorant in over a year, that she now just uses coconut oil, and she would never notice a smell. So I said I’d give it a go.

I’m only on day 3, but I’m very impressed. I’m going to have to do some exercise and put myself into sweaty situations to really test it out, but I am definitely suprised, and happy!

Do you have a better alternative? Do you use coconut oil – is there any negatives associated with it?

Wedding Countdown!

So as of today – its six weeks until our “wedding party” – and we will already have been married almost 24 hours! 🙂

I had given myself six weeks to go as my deadline for not stressing, or thinking oh still loads of time to go… but we’ve now hit that, and I’m still so unorganised!

I do have loads planned, and these last two weeks I have actually got to work on decoration plans (thanks to my friends mum), and my dress is with a dress maker and I have the kids clothes sorted… so really thats a huge step to where I was. But still have to actually book a marquee, tables and chairs, a dj, photographer, rings… haha going to stop there, or I’ll have a panic attack.

But that’s whats going on with me at the moment, all wedding planning in my head!

Whoops… not paprika potatoes!

We’ve been very busy – lots of work last week getting invitations out, and decorating jars (I’ll post on that when I get a chance!) – and this week the kids have a swim camp, so I’m just checking in quickly!

But I thought I’d give you a laugh – today we had the gas boiler man in servicing the boiler, so I was chatting to him while I was making my lunch. I was making my paprika potatoes again (from the June 2015 posts!) and I grabbed the paprika from the press or so I thought. It was only when I was giving Princess P some of the potatoes and I tasted them and I wondered were they always so spicy. It was only when Princess P spat out her first one that I said I’d better check the spice I used because she usually loves them. Cayenne Chilli Pepper…. whoops! Big difference… my mouth is still on fire!!