Take a breath

I’ve had a very bad morning, kids late to school, Baba Z screaming and throwing everything off the table and counters and around the rooms – everything has gone wrong. I have recently been trying to take a deep breath to calm down when I can feel myself getting annoyed. But this morning was bad, my head just wasn’t working (so much so that I brought the buggy outside to put in the car so we could go to the shops after the school drop, and drove off leaving it outside the front door!!) – so I cancelled all my plans.

I have just put Baba Z up to bed, and I had to go into the back yard to close a gate. And I just stood out there, in the drizzly rain and the wind, and I just stood there breathing. And I really feel so much better.

So if you’re having a rough day – step outside, and take a breath xx


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