This Blog Name

Mama Fee’s Happy Healthy Home

It is not named that because I necessarily HAVE a happy, healthy home – it is named that because I WANT a happy, healthy home.

All three of them – a happy home, and a healthy home and very importantly, it to be a home.

I don’t know whether I decided on this name because I wanted people to think that I had it all, that I had it all under control – or whether I wanted it to be inspirational, to myself. Probably the latter. I’ve never really been one for pretending that motherhood, or being a stay-at-home mum is easy all the time, so I would guess that I was hoping that it would inspire me to implement more happiness and healthy routines in our house, our home.

At this stage, the blog hasn’t become a routine for me, that I’m constantly updating – I’m often thinking of things to write about, taking photos on my phone to go back to and write about – but with all the madness that goes on in our lives, I just don’t get the chance to.

I have decided to stop putting as much pressure on myself – pressure on myself to organise the house, to lose weight, to update the blog, to eat healthier, to exercise, to have better routines, etc., etc., etc…. I’m continuously putting pressure on myself to do these things, and then not getting any of it done and then its a negative thing, bringing me down. If I don’t put pressure on myself and instead just slowly work on things, slowly they become positive things – and the positive things will build me up.

And so far this year, since I’ve pulled the pressure off myself a bit, I have got a lot done… so onwards and upwards! I’ll keep hacking away at everything, getting a little bit of everything done and being happy with my small achievements – because they’ll all add up – and they’re all getting me closer to getting my happier, healthier home!