Home Decorating

I’m on a home update buzz at the moment!

Last year my other half build in wardrobes in our room – they’re fantastic. And we painted the room and got new bedcovers. This week I have been picking up the finishing touches, such as cushions and lamps. I’m very excited with all the little bits and pieces. We are also discussing changing our bed, our bed is a fantastic wooden bed but we’ve had it for years and years and we’re thinking a change could be good. So I was online last night looking at DIY bed designs, he had a few ideas himself so between us we’ll come up with a great design so really looking forward to that. Now the way things work in this house is that we will get around to do it over the next few years – but at least it will go on “the list”!

We also have a new suite of furniture coming for the sitting room. Its a second hand sofa coming from a bit of a barter system, my hubbie has given this couple a hand out with a few odd jobs around their house and they mentioned they had ordered a new suite of furniture and putting theirs up for sale. I’m using the new suite as a great reason for a sitting room revamp! We have been living here for almost 8 years, and even though we have repainted the sitting room, it has been roughly the same colours – creams and browns really. So I want to brighten it up a bit. I’m hoping to add splashes of yellow throughout, from the cushions to curtains, to maybe a wall or fireplace. I really have to decide on the details still. I have picked up a few of the cushions already. We have beautiful wooden build in units in the two alcoves, so they won’t be changed, it is more a paint and colour revamp!

And the two kids rooms are getting makeovers too. I had told Princess P that Baba Z would be sharing her room with her once she turned 2, which she now has. So I have decided I’ll do up the room a bit before putting her in. Also Baba Z still sleeps in a cot in our room, and I don’t really want to put her in a bed that she can get out of so I think we will either be waiting, or putting the cot into the room. And then the Boy was feeling left out, so he’s getting a mini makeover – new bedcovers and curtains, and a couple of accessories. Little things that will hopefully make a big difference to the overall impact!

I’m very excited about it all at the moment, and am planning all the rooms in my head!


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