Monday Morning Motivation?

I think I’m looking for the Monday Morning Motivation, as opposed to stating that I have already found it!

I am sitting here in the sitting room, in my pyjamas looking around at a complete mess and knowing I have so much to do. I’ve a nasty cough and cold and I feel miserable and have zero motivation. But the other half emptied my car (the spare storage room haha) into the sitting room yesterday morning before we went off on a family day trip and I have to deal with that.

I’ve had my coffee, and just put little miss baba Z up to bed for a nap, so I really have no excuse. But I just cannot move. And I am worried if I go into the kitchen (which also needs to be cleaned) I will eat (more) brownies and chocolate biscuit cake… they’re leftover from a birthday at the weekend and I’ve already eaten them for breakfast. So delicious! But I’m supposed to be all motivated and healthy eating so really can’t eat any more.

Anyone got any tips to get yourself out of a motivation slump? I have so many tabs open on my phone with all sorts of great advice and ideas on how to get motivated but can’t actually put any of them into practice this morning!


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