Thanksgiving Planning!

I know that here in Ireland, we don’t generally celebrate Thanksgiving. It is an American holiday – and my family thought I was crazy when I first said I was going to start “doing it”.

My reasoning though is that any holiday that is about Giving Thanks, or Gratitude, is a holiday that we should celebrate. A great reminder to be thankful for everything that we have. It also gives us a chance to get together as a family. At the moment, we do a big family Christmas dinner on Stephens Day – but we realise that as the children have their own families and plans change, it won’t be as easy to get everyone here for dinner on Stephens Day. So I thought that at least if we had Thanksgiving Dinner in November and then their Dad’s birthday in January, that at least it should take the sting out of the Stephens Day fading away. (Although we are hoping that it still doesn’t go for a long time!)

So we do Thanksgiving! I decided that we’d have more American style dishes and sides with our meal, rather than our standard Sunday dinners and I definitely wasn’t allowed do the Christmas sides this close to Christmas!! It means I have to do a bit more research and planning for Thanksgiving, which adds to the work – but is also a bit of fun!

So that is what I have been doing today, writing lists and planning the next few days!