Eco Warrior Wanna Be

One of the things that I am feeling strongly and thinking about a lot at the moment is our health and our environment. I have started looking at small changes that I can make here as a family.

I know that we have to rehaul our diet completely, and start eating healthier full stop, without even taking in the environmental impact of what we’re eating. But we just need to start with the health factor! The baby is almost 6 months, and definitely once the kids go back to school in September, we’ll start to have more of a structure on our days and be able to plan our meals properly. Summer holidays are a bit hit and miss with meals and sticking to menu planning!

But as an immediate thing I decided to change was our deodorants, to more natural deodorants. There are three of us using deodorants in the house, and two were using spray cans and I was using a roll on antiperspirant. So I bought two different brands of natural deodorants, and we’re moving over to these. And I’m impressed to be honest, I’ll post about them a different day, but I really feel that these are a change to help our health.

Another easy change we can make is in our drinks bottles, and in the daily sandwich wrappers (cling film and tin foil) so I’m changing these too. I have other ideas that I want to implement slowly. I’m trying a new more natural foundation, I have ordered some natural skincare products. Then there are cleaning products, laundry options, tooth brushes and pastes and hair and body wash options to name a few! I am obviously not going to just throw out all the products we already have, but I feel that as we use up things, I will replace them with a more environmentally friendly natural version – if feasible.

I am also giving cloth nappies a go. I’m kind of cheating a bit on this one. I’m mainly using disposable inserts – which say that they are biodegradable, but there’s conflicting information online about them (as in how they need to be disposed of to be biodegradable). But a normal nappy takes something like 500-600 years to breakdown in landfill, and this baby goes through so many nappies in a day because she doesn’t like having a damp bum at all. So regardless, a disposable insert that is made of bamboo and wood pulp and potato starch glue has to be better than a fully plastic and gel nappy.

There are all little changes that we can make, and every little change has to make a help, whether personally for our own health or for the health of the planet.

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