Cough Remedies?

Has anyone got any cough remedies that work?

I have a cold and nasty cough coming on. I was completely miserable yesterday and luckily my older two kids were doing an “Instant Restaurant” (from My Kitchen Rules) for us for dinner, so I had a 3 course meal handed up to me by my children, so didn’t have to cook. I basically spent the day on the couch wrapped up, doing bare minimum and dosing off when possible.

Being sick this time, for the first time in I don’t know how long, I am not pregnant, nor trying to get pregnant, or on my two-week-wait hoping to be pregnant so I can actually take any suggested remedies!

I went to the chemist on Friday and got “Day and Night” tablets and a cough bottle called Exputex. I didn’t start taking them then because wanted a hot whiskey that night (I love them but only drink them when I’m sick, seeing as then they’re medicinal!), so had that and then started taking the other stuff on Saturday, and spent the day wrapped up drinking hot whiskeys without the whiskey (honey, clove and lemon drinks).

I also have a Homeopathic Remedies kit that I started trying to self-treat myself on Friday morning as I was getting shooting pains in my throat on the left side and there’s a remedy for pain starting on the left. The pain stopped by evening, but the cold and cough was getting worse so that’s why I was hoping to get in early with some meds to avoid it getting really bad. (I had a horrific dose last Christmas, while pregnant, that had a cough so bad it pulled muscles in my stomach, and I am prone to bad coughs)

I do feel a bit better today, but my guess is that is from taking it easy yesterday and sweating it out a bit too, but as of tomorrow when himself is back to work and my life is back to normal, I won’t have time to take it easy or rest. So I definitely need to stay on top of it and hopefully kick this thing in the ass before it gets any worse.

So anyone got any hints or tips of what I could do to put a stop to it?

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