Little Quirks

We all have funny little quirks about us, which we may like or not like.

What I am finding lovely is seeing some of these in my kids, because I passed them straight to them. Physical ones.

My thumbs bend back a bit, unlike my mums thumb which is beautiful and straight and looks so elegant compared to mine. I never really liked my thumbs. But now when I’m feeding the baby, and she is holding my thumb with her little hand wrapped around with the very same little thumb as mine, just in miniature version, I’m in love with my thumb – because its my babys thumb too. And all my children have it I think (will have to double check the older two, but definitely the younger two do!)

And the nail on my second toe also is different to all my other nails. If it gets too long, it curls back in towards my toe, instead of growing straight out like the rest of them. All my kids have the same, on their second toe, the nail bends in to the toe if it gets too long.

I just love it. I know there is similiarities in looks and all other aspects too, but these little quirks are things other people wouldn’t know about or notice, and I just think it is so special.

My Body is Complaining

Back on track yesterday. Got my little walk up to the preschool in during the afternoon, and then forced myself to go out on the treadmill last night.

I’ve noticed that my heart rate isn’t going up much with my walking on the treadmill at the speed I’m doing, but my shins and knees start to hurt if I increase the speed. And I don’t want to damage myself and not be able to do any of it, so I’m staying at the slower speed. But then the heart rate is not increasing, so is it doing any good for weight loss? It is barely going in to “Fat Burn” heart rate, let alone “Cardio” heart rate – which three weeks ago it was going into.

By the time I finished my walk on the treadmill last night, my knee was killing me. I started poking at the ass/hip/glute/thigh area on that leg, and the pain in the muscle was bad, so I think the knee pain might be coming from there.  I know the physio’s have always said that my muscles are very tight. It was so sore coming in, I could barely lift that leg up. I did a bit of my physio exercises when I came in, and some stretching and some pressure pointing with a tennis ball too, and it eased up a bit.

I woke up this morning very stiff and sore, but hoping that it is going to get better. I walked up the preschool again this afternoon, and was a little early so passed it and added a little bit to the walk (it’s a beautiful bright fresh day out there so it was lovely!), but my knee started hurting me again to put pressure on it. I’m very worried about my body and trying to do this exercise and weight loss the right way, and strengthen my body and not end up hurting myself and being out of action.

March – My Month of Gratitude!

I love gratitude, and giving thanks for all that we have, but as with everything I have great intentions and very little follow through.  I have bought gratitude journals, diaries, tried starting a tradition of writing what we are grateful/thankful for with the kids every night, so many different ways I have tried to incorporate it into our lives. But I usually realise weeks later, oh we haven’t done that in a while.

So I was thinking about it last night and I have decided that I am going to make March my month of Gratitude – and I am going to post daily here, to make myself accountable.

The first ten days or so will be very easy, all the basics that I rattle off every time I think of what I am grateful for – and then things might become more interesting or unusual. I don’t think that I will ever be stuck for anything to be grateful for even on Day 31, because I notice the smallest things to be grateful for. But we’ll see! 🙂

Fell off the wagon last week, again

So, I was doing great last week. Monday and Tuesday were great days, foodwise and exercise. Wednesday started the birthday celebrations for my daughter, with my mum bringing cake and goodies but still I managed to just have a small bit of cake, and stay within calories.

Thursday started the birthday party prep, and was all go, and I didn’t get exercise or regular meals (it also was the first day of the kids midterm so there was no routine at all!) but still was reasonably ok with my eating. Then Friday was party day, and that was that. I ate all around me. I picked at food, I picked at cake. No exercise either. And was so tired from all the preparation and planning, that we got a Chinese for dinner. Then yesterday (Saturday) was another cake party for family this time, and again I didn’t have a stop-eating switch, and then finished the day up with a chippers. And a promise to myself that that was the end. Back on track this morning.

For some reason that didn’t happen. Possibly because I started the day with coco-pops (we never have them, they’re a birthday treat) or possibly because I didn’t have a proper lunch, or a proper dinner plan… but whatever happened, it got to a certain stage of the day and I started eating chocolate and sugar, and I couldn’t stop. I ate everything I could find. And that’s not an exaggeration. Unfortunately. I was almost inhaling chocolate and biscuits, and it was as though I couldn’t stop myself. I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t, that I didn’t need it, that I’d regret it, but it made no difference, I just kept eating and trying to find the next thing to eat. Until my husband got home, and we put on some food (he had a plan of some snack type bits he had bought in the shop today which is why I was waiting for him).

Of course I’m annoyed with myself now. Well disgusted really. But let’s say annoyed.

But it is done now. All I can do is do better moving forward. I need to get back on track (AGAIN) tomorrow. I need to start exercising properly again. I need to plan my lunches and dinners. I need to make sure I don’t get hungry. I need to be more organised. I need to put myself first, making sure I have healthy food first, and then feed everyone else if that is what happens.

Planning is key here, it shows. Plan my meals and my exercise. And make sure to prioritise them, for myself. And get myself back on track, again. Roll on tomorrow, back on track day 1, again.

Stuff Everywhere…

I just don’t know what to do with it. There seems to be piles of stuff everywhere. When I clean/clear one area, the mess is just moved elsewhere.

We’ve just had a weekend (almost week lol) of celebrating for Little Miss Biz’s 5th birthday. We had a little party with her friends here on Friday and then her family on Saturday for cake and tea. So obviously we needed the place looking nice on Friday, and having space for everyone.

One of the counters in the kitchen, which really should have nothing on it other than the radio anyway (and I always put the desserts and cake on it for occassions), tends to be a clutter catch area so I cleared it – into a big shopping bag. And then hid that in the washing machine room. That sorted that, for the weekend. Now though, I need to do something about it.

There were boxes in the sitting room (happen to be a kettle and toaster for when our new tiles go up in the kitchen, if that ever happens lol, I have the tiles two years now!) – but I cleared them from the sitting room. Into the hall. So now they need to be rehomed, and actually neither place is where they should be. What that means though is that they’ll be moved up to our room. To be stored until needed. As everything else in the house is. Hence why the room is almost impossible to get across at the moment, particularly as the baby sleeps in our room still too – so any time I might have to sort it out, ie when she is asleep, I can’t actually do it, because she is asleep in that room.

I am hoping now to work on continuing to have the downstairs “look” clear and tidy, and improve it more and maybe make it a reality. But it seems to be that the crap is just moved from one place to the next, and the sitting room is lovely and clear but when you step out into the hall and trip over something else. It is head-wrecking.

I know I have to get rid of stuff and make sure everything we do want has a home. But there is so little time that it is hard to do. And then Christmas and birthday add to the possessions and take from the available time too.

Oh well. Just a rant really. But the positive is that my downstairs looks relatively tidy, and that makes me happy. And reminds me to put more effort into keeping it like this, to make me happier!

(And its funny, in the kitchen that one clutter catching counter that I emptied into the bag was the only untidy place in the kitchen because I have been keeping on top of it, but it has made a huge difference, so just goes to show how little areas and details in a room can make a huge difference to the flow, and feeling of the whole room!)

Joined Instagram

I have been on Facebook for years, but I kind of put my foot down and said no that’s too addictive as it is, I’m not joining other social medias. So no Twitter, no Instagram.

Then a few months ago, my sister-in-law was telling me how great this cleaning woman was on Instagram, so I joined. Followed a few cleaning sites. Didn’t really like anything they were doing, so never looked again.

Then a few weeks ago, the same sister-in-law told me about this really inspiring woman losing weight and was amazing to watch. So I started Instagram up again, unfollowed any of the people I wasn’t interested in. And followed the inspirational woman (Trisha’s Transformation in case you’re interested) – and yes she is amazing. Every single time I opened Instagram and saw her posts, she motivated me to exercise, or just stay on plan. She has lost so much weight and still has loads to go, but she is working so hard and is so bloody positive and motivated. She is inspiring.

So I decided that that was what my Instagram would be about, people or pages that I’m interested in and make me feel good and inspire me. I followed a few positive law of attraction type pages, and some planner hashtags, and a few other recommended weight loss journeys that people found great or had recipes.

Then I assessed how I felt about each of the pages that I had followed, and when they were in my feed. And so I unfollowed quite a few. For weight inspiration/motivation/ideas I’m left with Trisha’s Transformation, Joe Wicks Bodycoach and Karl Henry PT. I love the law of attraction quotes (although I did unfollow a few who seemed to take a negative slant towards other people). I still have two housecleaning type pages, that I’ve actually followed for years, through their blogs originally and using their print outs. Then last night I found some motivating money management pages, so I’m working out which ones I like enough to keep. Its not that the pages aren’t great, it’s more that it is not relevant to me, or motivating for me.

I am loving the fact that when I open Instagram I am given a boost of love, motivation and inspiration.

Don’t you just feel helpless

Poor babies and all they go through.

Last night we had a very bad time with our little one. She’s 1 year old now, and the past week has been teething badly, drooling galloons of spit everywhere. And the night before last she was up in the middle of the night upset, so last night going to bed I gave her Nurofen and Paralink, staggered before bedtime, to hopefully ease her pain for the night because she had been getting one of them the previous few nights and she was still upset.

When we went up to bed, she was awake. I tried to put her back down to sleep, like usual and when that didn’t work, tried her with a bottle, which she had no interest in. So I tried to leave her settle when I got into bed, beside her cot.

Then all hell broke loose. Was not a hope of her settling. She was so so upset. Absolutely inconsolable. I took her out and tried her with the bottle, cuddled her up in bed, rocked her, sang songs, rubbed her. Everything and anything I could think of, I tried. It didn’t help. Daddy tried all his usual tricks with her too, and nothing helped. She was so upset. She would keep falling asleep, at different stages – and then starting to scream in her sleep, and thrash around. And because she had had both painkillers, there was nothing else we could do. Just felt so helpless. This little person, so upset, not able to do anything much to help herself – and yet there was nothing else we could do for her.

I thought it might have been something else underlying, as she was so upset, so thought it would either be a middle of the night trip to the out of hours doctor, or a trip this morning – but after a few hours, she slept, and stayed asleep. And today she was cranky at times, but overall just a normal teething one year old.

Fingers crossed for tonight. Very worried about how it will all go. I do love, and need, my sleep. But more so for her, it is so hard seeing your baby so unsettled, sad and in pain. So fingers and toes crossed for a good night for us all xx