Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not a big person for Valentine’s Day, however I love flowers any day so I’ll happily take another opportunity to get some flowers. My hubbie picked up some flowers for me the other day, a little bunch of pretty pink roses and a bunch of purple lilies. I told him to get them before the rush of Valentines and only being left with expensive options!

But for some reason my children love Valentines Day and want to make a big deal about it. And its not about the big things, its the little thoughtful details. My son bought me and his Dad and little sister little presents. My eldest daughter made cupcakes yesterday for all the lunches today, brought me breakfast in bed, and had Kinder Eggs and special treat wake-up-waffles bought for her brother and sisters for breakfast! All without my involvement, I just brought them to the shops and let them go in, and I was under strict instructions not to go in to her room!

I realised they would like some little things done for them too, so got a chocolate cereal for breakfast (a rare treat here), strawberry laces for their lunch box (I’m strict with the no sweets policy in school) and wake-up-waffles for their after school snack (not knowing Q had bought the same for their breakfast!) and I have some Lindor sweets for them because Q joked a few weeks ago about having “Red Rain” for Valentines Day (last year I had dropped red Lindor sweets over the bannisters to them calling it red rain!) And for the hubbie I made one of his favourite cakes!

I don’t think that Valentines Day should be about big gestures, but I do think that the little things that we can do for the ones we love are nice, and even though we should make the effort every day, there’s no harm of making things a little bit more special today too! And to also remember to do something nice for ourselves too!

I do love the art-work that comes home from school for Valentines Day too!

Happy Valentines Day everyone xx

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