Trying To Get Organised Ahead of Time

So I am always a last minute type person, in general. And this year I have definitely been worse than usual.

And June is always a busy month. All the end of school year things to get sorted, like teacher presents and then there’s Fathers Day in the middle of it all. I try to have the kids make homemade gifts for their teachers, generally food, so that there is a bit of a personal touch and also that the teachers don’t get any extra crap that they don’t want or need! But of course it is always last minute, and that turns into a stress and a rush.

So this year I am trying to think about what we can do, and is there anything that we can do in advance for them. And also for Fathers Day – that I can organise presents, so maybe I can actually give my Dad something on time, as opposed to about three weeks late!

I think that I am hoping that if I can manage to be partly organised on some of the things that I do need to get done in advance, then things won’t be as stressful and busy and I will have time to look after myself too. Things have been so busy that I haven’t had any time to even think of myself, and as I was saying yesterday I am feeling quite down. So I am trying to implement things that might help me feel better! 🙂

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