Ayurvedic Lifestyle

I’ve been listening to loads of interesting podcasts recently, and learning all sorts of things from them.

Last night I listened to Chloe Brotheridge’s podcast “Calmer You” episode 74 with Jo Webber from Pukka Herbs about Herbal Remedies for Anxiety.

I was really interested in the talk and I loved how Jo kept bringing the scientific research of modern day and linking it to how Ayurvedic medicine has been working for centuries. She really talked in a way that I already feel, but don’t have the information to back me up and to actually live that way. It completely re-sparked my interest in finding out more about herbal medicines and natural medicines.

I’ve always had an interest in natural remedies, and a few years ago I was at a talk where I was so interested in the topic I bought the book from him there and then, about Ayurvedic medicine.

However I think the book didn’t have a very good way of explaining it, and when I saw certain things about dairy I think it was, it kind of stopped me looking further into it.

I remembered also going to a massage course where they taught a type of Ayurvedic massage, which was fantastic.

Last night, listening to this podcast I decided that I am going to find more information about it so have just ordered loads of different books from the library, so that I can have a comprehensive look through them and see what I think and how it could be adapted into our lives.

I probably won’t have much time this side of Christmas, but will keep you updated as I go along. If anyone has any good resources or information about it all, let me know.