I decided that I was going to add meditation as a priority to my life about 2 weeks ago, and I’m delighted to say that I have meditated every night just before bed for the last 15 days.

I heard on a podcast that 56 consecutive days of meditation changes the shape of your brain, and increases the calming part.

So that is my goal, another 41 days of consecutive meditation. And there are 43 days left in 2019, so I’m planning on getting right through to the end of year meditating every day. And the fact that I have set it as a priority and I am going it gives me a sense of achievement and pride that I am doing it.

Mini wins. Notice them, and celebrate them!

Also I have been doing my 5 minute workouts for a good few weeks now and I can notice my body getting stronger. Another mini win. The 5 minute workout probably takes less than 5 minutes so I am just making sure I do it at some stage of the day. Celebrating my mini wins, making me feel positive about myself!

Proud of my small steps!

So for the last week every day, bar one I think, I have done the 5 minute mini workout.

5 squats, 5 lunges, 5 push ups, 5 calf raises and 5 tricep dips.

Simple and easy, and I achieved it!

Might seem small and almost insignificant to someone who goes running or to the gym or exercises lots. But for me, its a first step… its a huge step and a really positive start for getting my healthy habits on track.

I have heard it a few times this week – that the first step is the hardest to take. I have taken the first step, and I have started.

Now I just have to build momentum and stay going, and add to it and improve.

I’m very proud of myself!

Small Steps… to get back on track!

So, it now count down to back to school, and I’ve realised that the last few months have just disappeared and I’ve really not done very much to work towards my health goals… so this week I’m going to start getting back on track. With a few small steps.

I am going to try to:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day
  • Bed by 11pm
  • Up by 8am
  • Listen to a meditation
  • Do Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s 5 minute kitchen workout each day

Looks like a simple enough list to complete, but even though I went to bed last night around 10.30pm it was midnight before I got to sleep because the baby decided she was getting up instead of going to stay asleep, which meant I didn’t get to bed by 11pm and I didn’t get to listen to my meditation, and I didn’t get up this morning until 8.30am because I was so exhausted (and actually went back to bed for a quick nap at 10am!)

But today is another day – and I’m going to do my best again!

Day 1 Small Step Success!

So I did it. My small step for yesterday was to drink at least 2 litres of water, which I know shouldn’t be a difficult thing, and it used not to be – but recently I just haven’t managed it!

But yesterday I made myself stay accountable, and I did it! So I easily got over 2 litres of water in, and was delighted that I was able to go to bed without trying to drink pints and pints of water first!

So the goal is to do the same again today!

Starting Small…

Today’s Goal is to drink water. At least 2 litres of water. Should be easy enough to do it. And when I am on track I have no problem drinking over 2 litres, but at the moment I’m struggling to remember to even drink 1 pint. Until bedtime, and then I realise I haven’t had any water – so I drink a pint of water…. and three hours later I’m waking up for a toilet trip! Not a good plan!

So starting small, todays goal is 2l of water. I’ve 1 pint in already, so I’m one quarter of the way there, if I can just remember the rest!

Nearly The End of April

So two days left in April, and I can say for one I do not know where this month has gone. I didn’t manage to get any of the things that I wanted to get done done. I didn’t restart my healthy habits. And instead of my body getting fitter, it has gotten stiffer. A direct result I assume of less exercise. Also my mood has been lower than the past few months, so I think it definitely shows how important the exercise is to me.

I did go out on the treadmill last night (my husband is trying to push me) but after 20 minutes something happened my leg and I couldn’t put weight on it. And still today I can’t put weight on it, with the pain radiating between my knee and my thigh/hip area. So I’m hoping it will be gone later today, otherwise I am going to be very slowed down this week! And I really need to be on the ball this week.

This is the countdown to My Boy’s Communion! The Communion itself is on Saturday and we are having a party here, and as of last week I decided to do something I have never done before – I am getting it catered! I realised I was so stressed and unorganised and I just wouldn’t enjoy the day, so instead of trying to cook all the food, I am getting caterers to just drop it in and that will be that. I will still have to do all the desserts, but that is not a worry. The food was.

And then on Sunday we are having a second party out in my Dad’s house, and my brother is catering that, so I have very little to do for that either. I have delegated everything to do with the Sunday party, I basically just have to turn up! And my husband did a lot of work just straightening up the garden here over the weekend for the bouncy castle to fit, so we have to get desserts made this week – and SCRUB the house!!! So a lot of work, but at least the huge stress of the food has been taken off me. The relief. Still a few bits of clothes to be picked up, but basically we are sorted!

And then after it is over, I will be back on track – I have no more excuses, the next mini goal is my birthday in June, about 6wks after the Communion. So hopefully I’ll be able to make a good dent in the weight and fitness by my birthday. I have done a lot so far, and even though I haven’t been great recently, I have to focus on how great I have done – and use that to encourage me to continue and do even better!

The Tween Encourages!

I have been so bad at getting myself motivated the past few weeks to do any sort of exercise and last night my husband asked was I going out on the treadmill and I said no I’m not bothered, it was late. My husband was like thats not the attitude to have. And my eldest daughter (12.5yrs old!) said think about that smaller dress you want to get in to for the Communion in 4 weeks time. I said it’s only one week and a few days away, I won’t be getting into the smaller dress at this stage.  Then she said, well think about still being here and alive in ten years.

And thats the truth of it. That is the reason I am doing this – not to fit into smaller clothes, which of course is a part of it. But the main thing is for my health and my future. I either do something about it and lose the weight and get fitter, or I keep getting bigger and unhealthier and start having health issues.

So I went out on the treadmill. Thank you very much Q!