New Month, New Goal for the Month

So March is just over, and March was my Month of Gratitude. I really enjoyed it, both for the fact of practicing gratitude, and also for the fact that it keep me posting and accountable to myself to keep posting through the month.

Now that we are in a new month I was wondering what my goal for the month should be. There are some things I want and need to get done at home, and preparing for my son’s communion, but it is also nice to be adding things here as well.

I was thinking what would I like to add to my life this month. I have been proud of myself this year so far in staying consistant with my exercise (possibly too consistant as it is not helping me lose weight!!) and I would like to improve on the rest of my healthy habits, so that is what I have decided that April will be – my Month of Healthy Habits. It won’t necessarily be a post a day about healthy habits, because I want to add them in slowly and implement them and give them time to become habits. I want to do this throughout the house, with myself, with my husband and with the children.

So welcome to April, my Month of Healthy Habits!! 🙂

Day 8 of My Month of Gratitude

So this is the next thing that comes to me every single time I think about what I am grateful for, I’m just going to put a single umbrella name on it for now…

  1. My Husband
  2. My Children
  3. My Step-Children
  4. My Step-Grandchildren
  5. My Family
  6. My Friends
  7. My Home
  8. Our Utilities

What I mean by our utilities is our heat, electricity and water.

I think that we all take it for granted. But we shouldn’t. A few times in the past year we have been put in a situation where we have been close to losing one or all of these, even temporarily, due to a weather situation like Storm Ophelia which hit Ireland quite badly, and was one of a number of weather events that happened recently. Also in our own house our gas boiler broke last year and we had to wait for it to be fixed. The guys fixing it kinda f**ked us around quite a bit and we were without our gas heating from February (with a three week old baby) until almost May (when the heatwave week was hitting!). During that time there were two sets of heavy snow. We were very lucky because my Dad had a couple of oil heaters that we were able to plug in and keep the house warm, but it was still a difficult few weeks – and an extremely worrying first night with the temperature in the house plummeting and no idea how we were going to heat it again (before we found out about Dad’s heaters!)

We have heat at the touch of a button, we have electricity and light at the press of a switch, we have running water by moving a tap, we have hot water whenever we want it, we have clean toilets time after time by just flushing. These simple things to us that we take completely for granted. These are luxuries to some people. Some of these were luxuries to me even growing up. We are so so lucky to be in a situation where we have all of these luxuries as standard in our homes.

I am so grateful that we are lucky enough to live in a house with all of these utilities, in a country where it is taken for granted that people have them.

Day 7 of My Month of Gratitude

Now things will probably start needing more thought, although a few more days really of completely obvious things for me!

You can see what is most important in my life, the things I am so grateful for straightaway were all people. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people and so much love in my life.

  1. My Husband
  2. My Children
  3. My Step-Children
  4. My Step-Grandchildren
  5. My Family
  6. My Friends
  7. My Home

I am so lucky to have the home that we live in. It is not perfect, in any shape or form. It is a standard, slightly small, 3 bedroom house. It is packed full of stuff, and is constantly messy.

But it is our home.

We are so lucky to have it. We have a roof over our head. We are safe in our home. We have everything that we need in our home. There might be plenty more things we want for our home, but we have everything we need. We are living in this house over 10 years now so we have added loads of bits and pieces to it, over the years bit by bit, and it very much is our home.

When you hear about families becoming homeless, which unfortunately is a huge issue at the moment in Ireland, you realise how lucky you are to have a home that is yours and you can safely live in. I am so thankful and so grateful for having our home.

Stuff Everywhere…

I just don’t know what to do with it. There seems to be piles of stuff everywhere. When I clean/clear one area, the mess is just moved elsewhere.

We’ve just had a weekend (almost week lol) of celebrating for Little Miss Biz’s 5th birthday. We had a little party with her friends here on Friday and then her family on Saturday for cake and tea. So obviously we needed the place looking nice on Friday, and having space for everyone.

One of the counters in the kitchen, which really should have nothing on it other than the radio anyway (and I always put the desserts and cake on it for occassions), tends to be a clutter catch area so I cleared it – into a big shopping bag. And then hid that in the washing machine room. That sorted that, for the weekend. Now though, I need to do something about it.

There were boxes in the sitting room (happen to be a kettle and toaster for when our new tiles go up in the kitchen, if that ever happens lol, I have the tiles two years now!) – but I cleared them from the sitting room. Into the hall. So now they need to be rehomed, and actually neither place is where they should be. What that means though is that they’ll be moved up to our room. To be stored until needed. As everything else in the house is. Hence why the room is almost impossible to get across at the moment, particularly as the baby sleeps in our room still too – so any time I might have to sort it out, ie when she is asleep, I can’t actually do it, because she is asleep in that room.

I am hoping now to work on continuing to have the downstairs “look” clear and tidy, and improve it more and maybe make it a reality. But it seems to be that the crap is just moved from one place to the next, and the sitting room is lovely and clear but when you step out into the hall and trip over something else. It is head-wrecking.

I know I have to get rid of stuff and make sure everything we do want has a home. But there is so little time that it is hard to do. And then Christmas and birthday add to the possessions and take from the available time too.

Oh well. Just a rant really. But the positive is that my downstairs looks relatively tidy, and that makes me happy. And reminds me to put more effort into keeping it like this, to make me happier!

(And its funny, in the kitchen that one clutter catching counter that I emptied into the bag was the only untidy place in the kitchen because I have been keeping on top of it, but it has made a huge difference, so just goes to show how little areas and details in a room can make a huge difference to the flow, and feeling of the whole room!)

September, again!

Another September, another back to school, and another fresh start full of plans and hopes – for me! Of what I’ll be able to get done, and what structures and routines I’m going to be able to implement. Which of course never have actually worked out, because life just gets crazy and busy and there’s so much going on.

But here we are, and this time I’m hoping will be different!

See if you see me managing to write some posts, and we’ll see how I’m doing 😉


Eco Warrior Wanna Be

One of the things that I am feeling strongly and thinking about a lot at the moment is our health and our environment. I have started looking at small changes that I can make here as a family.

I know that we have to rehaul our diet completely, and start eating healthier full stop, without even taking in the environmental impact of what we’re eating. But we just need to start with the health factor! The baby is almost 6 months, and definitely once the kids go back to school in September, we’ll start to have more of a structure on our days and be able to plan our meals properly. Summer holidays are a bit hit and miss with meals and sticking to menu planning!

But as an immediate thing I decided to change was our deodorants, to more natural deodorants. There are three of us using deodorants in the house, and two were using spray cans and I was using a roll on antiperspirant. So I bought two different brands of natural deodorants, and we’re moving over to these. And I’m impressed to be honest, I’ll post about them a different day, but I really feel that these are a change to help our health.

Another easy change we can make is in our drinks bottles, and in the daily sandwich wrappers (cling film and tin foil) so I’m changing these too. I have other ideas that I want to implement slowly. I’m trying a new more natural foundation, I have ordered some natural skincare products. Then there are cleaning products, laundry options, tooth brushes and pastes and hair and body wash options to name a few! I am obviously not going to just throw out all the products we already have, but I feel that as we use up things, I will replace them with a more environmentally friendly natural version – if feasible.

I am also giving cloth nappies a go. I’m kind of cheating a bit on this one. I’m mainly using disposable inserts – which say that they are biodegradable, but there’s conflicting information online about them (as in how they need to be disposed of to be biodegradable). But a normal nappy takes something like 500-600 years to breakdown in landfill, and this baby goes through so many nappies in a day because she doesn’t like having a damp bum at all. So regardless, a disposable insert that is made of bamboo and wood pulp and potato starch glue has to be better than a fully plastic and gel nappy.

There are all little changes that we can make, and every little change has to make a help, whether personally for our own health or for the health of the planet.

July Spring Cleaning Week!

This week the plan is to sort our house. The kids have been told they won’t be allowed out to play with their friends this week, unless they do the jobs they had been told they were to get done at the start of the summer… and they haven’t even looked at!

There seems to be an added incentive. Their friends mother has downloaded an app where you can add financial rewards for jobs done, and my kids have been telling me about it all week. So this morning I downloaded it to see what it was like. And since, every time I’ve asked them to do a job they’ve asked will they be getting app money for this?! So they want to be doing jobs so that they get money in their app. Its looking like it might be an expensive app lol.

But I am hoping that having a chance to gut the house and reorganise it will make for an easier day to day life, which in turn will help with my head and mental health. I’m definitely struggling with getting everything done, and I’ve very little time to actually do anything, seeing as the baby is particularly hard work (they all are hard work! this one just wants to be on the go even though she’s not even 6 months yet)

So that’s the plan for this week!