Life is busy!

I’d love to get organised for getting on here and actually writing – but my god life is busy!

I’m a mum of 4 kids now. And a lot of days I feel I’m struggling. It is tough going. I’ve an almost 12 year old, an 8 year old, a 4 year old and a 5.5month old. They’re all at different stages, they all want to be doing different things at different times. But they all need to be fed and have their clothes washed – and they all make a mess lol! So my life kind of consists of running around bringing them to their activities, feeding them, cleaning up and doing laundry! Hard to fit anything else in. Particularly as the baby is hard work – she wants to be up and involved in everything all the time. She’s very active already, and you put her down and she pulls herself off her mats and across the floor – usually after dirty shoes!

On top of the day to day running of things here, I’m trying to sort out our finances, plan for Christmas (yes I know its only July, but we’ve a huge list!), do things with the kids, get some my dads accounts done and sort out our house – its so full of stuff, and it is very small (compact!), so I’d love to minimalise. And I’ve recently decided we really need to do more for our health and for the environment, and have taken to looking into eco-friendly alternatives. I currently have hundreds of tabs open on my computer and my phone – and my brain feels like that too!!

Oh and on top of that, I need to start looking after myself too, do something with my weight, eat healthy and exercise, work on my physio exercises for my pelvis and back and drink water. And thats only for my physical health, I need to take care of my mental health too, even having a bath or reading a book, or catching up with friends.

It’s all go here, but hopefully I’ll make it on here more!

Happy Mothers Day (belated!)

Happy Mothers Day! For yesterday.

I hope everyone had a lovely day. My day was actually no different to most, seeing as the hubby and Miss Q went off rotavating the allotment, leaving me to keep an eye on the dinner (after they prepped it and got it on!).


But must say the hubby made a big effort for me, and I got not one, not two but THREE bunches of tulips! So my house is full of beautiful flowers this morning – which definitely make me smile!

And they also made me a cake – using marzipan. Miss Q’s school homework this week had  a history of “Mothering Sunday” and how it was tradition to make/bring simnel cake, which is a fruit cake covered in marzipan. I love marzipan so told her she could make me one for Mothers Day – but without the fruit cake bit! So on Saturday they found a recipe for an almond and marzipan cake and firstly made the marzipan from scratch on Sunday morning, before then baking the cake. Very impressive 🙂


I hope that you all had a lovely day yesterday, whether it was Mothers Day for you or not. We had some lovely weather too so I think people had a great weekend – but because of the Boy and his chicken pox, we didn’t get to leave the house and enjoy it!

Happy Valentines Day!

I was woken (well, I waited in bed because I heard what was going on!) with a lovely beautiful breakfast in bed brought by my wonderful three children. The hubby was long gone to work, so it was all them (in particular the 10yr old Miss Q). They had make cards this morning for me too.


It was a lovely start to the day. Hopefully a sign of more wonderful things to come. 🙂

I had strawberry laces put into their lunch boxes as a surprise with a little note and cut out hearts. Which I know Miss Q will appreciate, but not so sure that the Boy will!

And I am doing a roast chicken dinner for the hubby for later – on a Tuesday – as a special treat. And have some yummy after school snacks for the kids. We’re spoiling ourselves and each other. So all in all looks like a lovely day.

I’ve seen a lot of posts today about loving yourself, and I think that is so important, and partly why this year I am putting more effort into special details for the kids. I saw this article about helping children to start loving themselves and I think that we will be making some Valentines Cards for ourselves after school as well.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

Monday Morning Motivation?

I think I’m looking for the Monday Morning Motivation, as opposed to stating that I have already found it!

I am sitting here in the sitting room, in my pyjamas looking around at a complete mess and knowing I have so much to do. I’ve a nasty cough and cold and I feel miserable and have zero motivation. But the other half emptied my car (the spare storage room haha) into the sitting room yesterday morning before we went off on a family day trip and I have to deal with that.

I’ve had my coffee, and just put little miss baba Z up to bed for a nap, so I really have no excuse. But I just cannot move. And I am worried if I go into the kitchen (which also needs to be cleaned) I will eat (more) brownies and chocolate biscuit cake… they’re leftover from a birthday at the weekend and I’ve already eaten them for breakfast. So delicious! But I’m supposed to be all motivated and healthy eating so really can’t eat any more.

Anyone got any tips to get yourself out of a motivation slump? I have so many tabs open on my phone with all sorts of great advice and ideas on how to get motivated but can’t actually put any of them into practice this morning!


People always say things come in 3’s – and I’m hoping we’ve had our three for a while!

My car was in with the mechanic last week – and needed a lot of work. And then my hubbie’s jeep broke down on his way home, and when he got in the door I was trying to get the oven to work (and couldn’t) – so needed a new oven, and parts for his jeep, as well as all the work that had to be done on our car.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that’s the end of break-down’s for our household for a while 🙂

Depending On Others

This is something I am not very good at. Depending on others. I don’t know why, I suppose I have always been well able to take care of myself so I tend not to rely or depend on other people (except my husband).

I didn’t actually realise that until about five or six years ago when I started in counselling, and I started talking to my friends about things and one of my friends said it to me that I would never ask for help or depend on anyone else. I was surprised, but realised it was actually true. I’ve been through enough counselling to make a good guess at why that it is, but those musings are not for this post! 🙂

What has spurred this post is that this week I have had to ask people for help. My husband is gone long days, and I have an eye condition that means I can’t drive. I have the morning school run and two school pick ups to do each day and the school is a ten minute drive, that would take hours to walk! So I’ve had to ask for help. And I don’t like it. I am delighted that I have such lovely people in my life that they have no problem helping and each has offered to do more than I even asked them. I really appreciate it, and I get that warm fuzzy feeling about the fact I have such wonderful people around.

But it also makes me uncomfortable. I’m not sure why, I think it must be that I HAVE to depend on others. In case you’re thinking it might be because I might have to reciprocate in the future, it is not that. I am, and always have been, more than willing to help out with lifts and school runs. I am even happy to be asked. So therefore I should understand that these friends and family would be happy to help me too. But still I feel I am putting them out. This time however, I don’t have a choice, and I think this might be a great thing for me.

Do you find it easy to ask for favours and help, or do you find it hard like me? Do you know why you feel like that? It is an odd thing to think about.