Any of you have little bird children?

My children remind me of little birds a lot of the time, and always at the oddest times.

I try to cook lovely healthy food for my children, and often when I put it on their plates, I get little moans and “those faces” (the ughh mum faces!) and the “do I have to eat the onions/peas/meat/insert relevant food”.

So when I make myself a nice healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner (currently sometimes different to the kids, as I’m trying to follow the SW plan, so not having bread or certain other things), I am suprised to have a child stand beside me with their mouth open wanting my food!

It happened the other day, two of my children wanted to eat my porridge, then I made a cous cous and tuna lunch and I had to give most of it to my 4yr old because he had his mouth open again before I had the fork back the plate.

Last night I made a SW spinach cannelloni (basic recipe taken from but I also added the onion/garlic/pepper mix from this one and used Quark instead of cottage cheese used in the original, and a small bit of grated mozzarella thrown in)

DSC_0181  Cooked up the onion, garlic, peppers and spinach, added the quark and a bit of grated mozzarella and stuffed the cannelloni tubes, and covered with tomato, garlic and basil mix. Next time I would definitely use more tomato sauce or maybe a lower heat because the liquid dried out quickly.

But the point is that all three of my children wanted it. I cooked it after dinner time, to have for lunch the next day, but of course I wanted to try it. I ended up with my three children standing beside me with their mouths open wanting more and more. My 8yr old even asked for it for her school lunch today (she always brings sandwiches, has never wanted an alternative no matter how much I suggest it!). So thats a successful meal for the family for future. But I found it so amusing the image of the mouths opening up beside me looking for food, like baby birds!

Have any of you got meals that your children would turn their noses up at if it was on their plates, but can’t get enough of off your plate??