Happy Mothers Day (belated!)

Happy Mothers Day! For yesterday.

I hope everyone had a lovely day. My day was actually no different to most, seeing as the hubby and Miss Q went off rotavating the allotment, leaving me to keep an eye on the dinner (after they prepped it and got it on!).


But must say the hubby made a big effort for me, and I got not one, not two but THREE bunches of tulips! So my house is full of beautiful flowers this morning – which definitely make me smile!

And they also made me a cake – using marzipan. Miss Q’s school homework this week had  a history of “Mothering Sunday” and how it was tradition to make/bring simnel cake, which is a fruit cake covered in marzipan. I love marzipan so told her she could make me one for Mothers Day – but without the fruit cake bit! So on Saturday they found a recipe for an almond and marzipan cake and firstly made the marzipan from scratch on Sunday morning, before then baking the cake. Very impressive 🙂


I hope that you all had a lovely day yesterday, whether it was Mothers Day for you or not. We had some lovely weather too so I think people had a great weekend – but because of the Boy and his chicken pox, we didn’t get to leave the house and enjoy it!

Happy Easter!


A belated Happy Easter! Its still Easter Monday, so Easter weekend so I’m just getting in there on time 😉

We had a lovely weekend here, full of chocolate and goodies!

I woke up to a beautiful Easter basket and a bunch of flowers from my other half. I’m following the Slimming World plan, so even though I won’t deny myself the chocolate, I’m trying to eat lots of fruit alongside it. So this is what I came down to:


There are so many Easter eggs here in the house at the moment, even if we let the kids eat chocolate constantly for days there’ll still be chocolate here!


This isn’t even half the eggs! 🙂

Spoilt for Mothers Day!


I was completely spoilt today! I got lovely morning cuddles from my babies, then a delicious breakfast in bed along with flowers and chocolates! I was given two bunches of flowers, because when the other half brought the kids to the shop yesterday, they both wanted to choose a bunch!


After breakfast the kids went off on a “Granddad Adventure” and the other half got a roast dinner into the oven, gave me time to ready and plied me with tea. After a delicious late lunch/early dinner, we played for a while and then snuggled up on the couch together and watched a family movie. It was lovely 🙂

We also learnt that it will be a while before we can have movie time with popcorn again! The baby kept following the popcorn bowl up and down the couch as we tried to keep it away from her, so we had to abandon the idea of popcorn because it wasn’t fair on her! I have heard too many things about not giving popcorn under a certain age, so wouldn’t risk it (even though she did manage to get a few bits!!)

Did you have a nice day? I know it wasn’t Mothers Day in America, but hope you had a nice day anyway! 🙂