Day 24 of My Month of Gratitude


  1. My Husband
  2. My Children
  3. My Step-Children
  4. My Step-Grandchildren
  5. My Family
  6. My Friends
  7. My Home
  8. Our Utilities
  9. Our Health
  10. Education
  11. Coffee
  12. Technology
  13. Being Alive
  14. Baby Smiles and Laughs
  15. Special Occasions
  16. Healthcare
  17. Being Irish
  18. Being a SAHM
  19. Chocolate
  20. Books
  21. Online Recipes
  22. Sunshine
  23. Online Shopping
  24. Grandparents

This one could look like cheating as family is already in there, but on a Sunday morning my father comes and collects my kids for a “Grandad Adventure” and brings them off to do something for a few hours. What they do range from going for lunch and cake, to going to do some work in the workshop, to walking in the forest, finding where a river starts to collecting fruit from bushes. They love their Sunday adventure with Grandad, who they have wrapped around their fingers, and Dad loves his time with them – and I love my Sunday morning without them and usually with just my husband when we make an effort to go and get a coffee together (with the baby!).

I have always felt that grandparents are such an important addition to a childs life. I was so lucky growing up to have my Granny who was there for me always. I cherish that. And I am delighted that my children have great relationships with my mother, my father and my step-mother. My mum minded my eldest daughter when she was small, coming with me and the baby when I was working at events in different areas of the country or keeping her in her house when I was doing office work. It created a great bond between the two of them.

On my the other side, my husbands mum died 6 years ago and it is heartbreaking that they missed out on having the relationship with her. She loved the boys in particular and would have loved my son and sometimes when he is being a bit overlooked by others I wish she was here to dote on him, because she would have. She would have got great fun out of my two cheeky smaller girls because she had a wicked sense of humour and would have really had fun with them. It is such a pity that she is not around for them to have got to know her, or for her to have added another aspect to their lives.

I am so grateful that my children do still have grandparents (including a great-grandmother, my Granny!) around and actively involved in their lives, I am grateful for them and I am grateful for the support that they offer me at times, knowing that there is a safe second home they can be dropped to if I’m not around, or a lift home for them from school. It is the small things in life, and the Sunday Grandad Adventure makes me so happy and grateful.