Day 28 of My Month of Gratitude

Today is a special day for my daughter, and for me that my first child is almost finished in primary school.

  1. My Husband
  2. My Children
  3. My Step-Children
  4. My Step-Grandchildren
  5. My Family
  6. My Friends
  7. My Home
  8. Our Utilities
  9. Our Health
  10. Education
  11. Coffee
  12. Technology
  13. Being Alive
  14. Baby Smiles and Laughs
  15. Special Occasions
  16. Healthcare
  17. Being Irish
  18. Being a SAHM
  19. Chocolate
  20. Books
  21. Online Recipes
  22. Sunshine
  23. Online Shopping
  24. Grandparents
  25. Sleep
  26. Podcasts
  27. Support
  28. Community

Today is the day of my daughters Confirmation. I’m not going to discuss the religious side of it, because its not really my thing but there are lovely aspects to it that come up from the whole event. There is a lovely family aspect of the day, as it brings family together to celebrate the childs day. There is also a lovely community around the event, particularly between the school and the church. It is lovely when you go to Mass on a Sunday and you bump into a selection of people that you normally would not see. The school put in a lot of work to get the children prepared, and our parents association is hosting a tea and coffee morning after the confirmation mass. The whole day is a lovely example of bringing people together.

Community is a lovely thing to have. Years ago I was in a situation that I was living in a town that I didn’t really want to live in, I hadn’t grown up in a town like it and everyone wanted to know everyone else’s business and I hated it. I remember a day I was in a friends house and we were both giving out about the town and living in it. I realised that day leaving her house that it was a conversation we had had over and over again, and that there were two choices – either make a change, or accept it and be happy with it. I wasn’t in a position to leave the town, my step-children lived here and it was important that their father lived nearby and so I also had to stay here. So I decided to focus on the positive things about the town and one of the main things I focused on was community. That aspect of wanting to know everything about everyone also creates a place where you are known and linked back to the people in the town, and into the town community. That was at least ten years ago, and now I am happy living in the town and focus on the positive aspects of it. The friend I was with that day left the town a few years later and set up a great life for herself in a different town, and it made a huge difference to her. So we both one of each of those options – I got happy with the town, and she got out. It made a huge difference to both our lives. If we had just stayed going over and over how much we hated the town, we would still be giving out about it at this stage and nothing would have changed.

I am thankful for the community that is around us, in the town, in the school, for the kids in the church, in the babygroup and from our friends and family. Community is important, and really does add to the feelings of well being for people.