Natural Deodorant

During the summer I decided that I was going to try to change to natural deodorants. This is something that was on my radar a good few years ago and I remember I tried a crystal stick and some other type of deodorant. I can’t actually remember at this stage (can I blame baby-brain? even though I think I’ve just forgotten anyway lol) – but I am guessing that whatever I did try didn’t impress me much, because I went back to using a main brand antiperspirant and have used that for the last six or seven years.

I had been seeing all these reviews on one particular Facebook page I’m on for a natural cream type deodorant made by Warrior, which is an Irish company. I decided to try it and bought myself and the hubbie a tin each, different scents. They recommend doing a deodorant detox when you’re changing to a natural deodorant, so go for a few days to a week without any deodorant and then start using the natural deodorant. So as unpleasant as that was, we both did it! And then started using the Warrior cream.

I’m just going to talk from my own experience because I don’t think my husband has fully changed over, its much easier for him to just spray something on in the mornings running out the door, than rub in a cream. For this reason I actually have bought a whole range of other natural deodorants to try out, to see can I find another option for him to use that is handier in the early mornings! That’s another post lol.

The cream is a mix of mostly shea butter, coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate and arrowroot and essential oils. And the two we got smelled beautiful. Because of its ingredients, it changes consistency with the heat in the house – in the summer it was much runnier, now more solid.¬†You need to take a pea size bit and rub it into your armpit, so its a bit messier because obviously you have to wash your hands after using it. But it works. It keeps me fresh for 24hours usually. There’s times where I’ve put on a tight top straight after putting it on and must have rubbed it off because I notice a slight smell later that night, but usually from one morning to the next, there’s is no smell of sweat from me.

One thing though is that it doesn’t stop the sweat – which of course is one of the points of using it, letting the body clear the toxins by sweating them out – but still you sometimes forget about the fact of what that means until you’re sweating and have patches showing on your top!

But I love the fact that I am using a natural deodorant, with no aluminium or nasties in it at all. And that it works!