Ayurvedic Lifestyle

I’ve been listening to loads of interesting podcasts recently, and learning all sorts of things from them.

Last night I listened to Chloe Brotheridge’s podcast “Calmer You” episode 74 with Jo Webber from Pukka Herbs about Herbal Remedies for Anxiety.

I was really interested in the talk and I loved how Jo kept bringing the scientific research of modern day and linking it to how Ayurvedic medicine has been working for centuries. She really talked in a way that I already feel, but don’t have the information to back me up and to actually live that way. It completely re-sparked my interest in finding out more about herbal medicines and natural medicines.

I’ve always had an interest in natural remedies, and a few years ago I was at a talk where I was so interested in the topic I bought the book from him there and then, about Ayurvedic medicine.

However I think the book didn’t have a very good way of explaining it, and when I saw certain things about dairy I think it was, it kind of stopped me looking further into it.

I remembered also going to a massage course where they taught a type of Ayurvedic massage, which was fantastic.

Last night, listening to this podcast I decided that I am going to find more information about it so have just ordered loads of different books from the library, so that I can have a comprehensive look through them and see what I think and how it could be adapted into our lives.

I probably won’t have much time this side of Christmas, but will keep you updated as I go along. If anyone has any good resources or information about it all, let me know.

Proud of my small steps!

So for the last week every day, bar one I think, I have done the 5 minute mini workout.

5 squats, 5 lunges, 5 push ups, 5 calf raises and 5 tricep dips.

Simple and easy, and I achieved it!

Might seem small and almost insignificant to someone who goes running or to the gym or exercises lots. But for me, its a first step… its a huge step and a really positive start for getting my healthy habits on track.

I have heard it a few times this week – that the first step is the hardest to take. I have taken the first step, and I have started.

Now I just have to build momentum and stay going, and add to it and improve.

I’m very proud of myself!

Small Steps… to get back on track!

So, it now count down to back to school, and I’ve realised that the last few months have just disappeared and I’ve really not done very much to work towards my health goals… so this week I’m going to start getting back on track. With a few small steps.

I am going to try to:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day
  • Bed by 11pm
  • Up by 8am
  • Listen to a meditation
  • Do Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s 5 minute kitchen workout each day

Looks like a simple enough list to complete, but even though I went to bed last night around 10.30pm it was midnight before I got to sleep because the baby decided she was getting up instead of going to stay asleep, which meant I didn’t get to bed by 11pm and I didn’t get to listen to my meditation, and I didn’t get up this morning until 8.30am because I was so exhausted (and actually went back to bed for a quick nap at 10am!)

But today is another day – and I’m going to do my best again!

Starting Small…

Today’s Goal is to drink water. At least 2 litres of water. Should be easy enough to do it. And when I am on track I have no problem drinking over 2 litres, but at the moment I’m struggling to remember to even drink 1 pint. Until bedtime, and then I realise I haven’t had any water – so I drink a pint of water…. and three hours later I’m waking up for a toilet trip! Not a good plan!

So starting small, todays goal is 2l of water. I’ve 1 pint in already, so I’m one quarter of the way there, if I can just remember the rest!

Batch Cooking!

Step 1 of Planning!

As I said yesterday, my biggest downfall is when I am not organised and I don’t have food ready to go. So today I have cooked tonights dinner – chicken Dopiaza (from an old Slimming World recipe leaflet I have), and a new dish from the Supervalu website – Mexican Leek and Black Bean Chilli¬†for my batch cooked food to have to freeze and in the fridge for when I’m hungry.

I have been making this Three Bean Chilli from the Supervalu website over the past while and have been eating it topped with a small bit of cheese, and it doesn’t need a side like rice as it is so filling. And it is delicious. After the first time I started to add my own ingredients as to whatever I had in the fridge, and also I found I needed to probably triple the amount of spices that I put in – I like strong flavours!

Both of them are vegetarian and actually both from The Happy Pear, it is just that I got them from the Supervalu website. One of the things that I want to do is to make new healthy recipes, so that I don’t get bored with the same meals all the time, even though I’m actually ok with eating the same food over and over again lol.

Delighted to have some food batch cooked now, and my lunch ready to go as well. I found that I was picking at chocolate non stop while cooking the dinners so this means I will be able to get my dinner first and then cook for everyone else without picking.

Healthy Habits – plan to start!

I have been listening to loads of podcasts recently, and generally they have been health and wellness type ones. I have noticed a lot of reoccuring topics (possibly as the people I am listening to are interviewing like minded people!) but there seem to be some simple enough things that can make a big difference in helping you live a healthy life.

I have been listening to Dr. Rangan Chatterjee and he has a book about the 4 Pillars of Health – being Food, Movement, Sleep and Relaxation, and the importance of all four of these in contributing to your health. I like this because it is nice and simple. It also gives you a chance to just say yes I’m doing ok on one or two aspects, lets focus on another aspect. He also has a five minute kitchen workout on Youtube which is so easy to start as a base starting place, as he shows you how to do it as a very beginner and how to advance it.

There have also been plenty of other guests and podcasts that add to these and have more aspects, including gut health, clutter in the home, financial health, etc. I have listened to so many of the podcasts that I have a lot of information rattling around in my head, as I listen mainly when walking so don’t have chance to write notes.

There are certain things that I want to bring in to our home as healthy habits to help me and to help the kids for the rest of their lives, as well as just while they are growing up.

For myself, this week I want to implement these as my basic habits:

  1. Healthy Food and Snacks
  2. 2L Water or more
  3. Exercise – both treadmill and 5 minute kitchen workout
  4. Bed in time – definitely before 11pm, earlier would be better

I want to start to plan healthy habits for the kids too, and find a way to set it up and implement it in a sustainable way. Things are just so busy that I don’t want to set myself up to fail, so I will work out what my starting point with the kids and how to start in the next few days!

Starting Back After Being Sick

I have been really sick for the past two weeks, as well as really busy! So obviously I haven’t been able to walk or do the treadmill, so my steps are down a lot. I had actually asked the doctor could I continue to exercise (as I coughed and spluttered in front of her!) and she said no that it would cause an attack with my chest as it was.

So I’m still a bit sick, but much much better so I need to start back again. I had got into a great habit of the treadmill, and I’m hoping that now I won’t be struggling to get the motivation back up to go again. Also my shins need to be built up slowly, and the last time I took a weeks break from the treadmill I found that when I went back on the treadmill I could feel the shin splints threatening early and I had to slow down. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen this time.

It is hard to get yourself back into the frame of mind to be organised and disciplined and motivated to be eating properly and exercising again. With the food, my main problem is that I haven’t batch cooked anything in advance so I’m struggling with my meals to get something healthy before I get too hungry and start picking at everything else (which happened last night because I didn’t get dinner before having to bring Q to a football match, I ate about 3 bars!). At least though I know this and therefore know that the way around this is to prepare and batch cook things for me to have immediately to hand when I am hungry.

The exercise is slightly different because I am not sure if what I am doing on the treadmill is enough. I am trying to add in little strength training bits along with my physio exercises, but again it is hard to find time to do. With the treadmill, I have to leave the house to go to the shed so it is a definite move, whereas with the physio stuff I am lying on the floor or somewhere in the house so I get interrupted or distracted much easier, or I am just too tired by the time I have done everything else. I just need to make sure that I fit them in in a more structured way, and that I keep making sure that my heartrate is rising in my treadmill sessions so I’m getting benefit from it.

Hoping now to start back to the treadmill this evening, even though we have a really busy after school day, with back to back activities – and I am already so exhausted I feel I can barely stay upright lol.