June is for Joy!

Love love love this!

I only saw this today, so that is why I’m starting this late! But it is just a lovely idea, and to be honest it is exactly what I need at the moment. Another daily reason to post something that brings joy (and hence gratitude).

It’s not my idea, I saw it on Instagram this morning, on the thefinancialdiet page – and didn’t even get to read their full post (I’m planning on going back to it!), but just absolutely loved the idea – and all day I have been thinking about keeping June is for joy in my mind, and I love it.

So I’m going to try to post a daily moment of joy here, and because it is going to be such a busy busy month, I am not going to pressure on myself to post every single day (even though I will try to) but I am going to allow myself catch up… like I’m doing today, catching up on these first three days of June!

On the 1st of June, my longest time (not oldest lol) friend came to visit with her two little children and we had a lovely day together catching up. She has been living abroad for years and years now, and has only just moved back recently. It was such a lovely day with her, and it brings such joy to me to spend time with her and even more to know that she will be around and much more accessible to me to see more from now on! We’ve been lucky if we managed to see each other once a year for the last two decades almost. She makes me feel positive about myself and my life, and is just on my level without any pressure.

On the 2nd of June, yesterday, I brought my son and grandson to the cinema. Well I didn’t actually go in, my 12yr old brought them in. But it was a birthday treat (for my April born son!) that has been getting more and more delayed so I was delighted to get to finally follow through on my promise, and I had to entertain my small two girls in the shopping centre while they were watching the movie – which was fun and difficult in equal measures, we had coffee and cake and looked in some shops….. while the baby screamed and attempted to run away, a lot. And even though it was a busy day I also managed to bake some things for my daughters cake sale (for today) which felt like a giant win because I usually have great intentions and never manage to follow through!

And today, 3rd of June, it was all about my daughter and her football. Her team won the County Championship this morning, and then this afternoon there was a fun day fundraiser (hence the cake baking yesterday!) for the whole team to go to an all Ireland football weekend at the end of the month, that they got through to go to from our county. My daughter didn’t even get to play in this mornings game, but it was a close match and the girls all played so well that there was such a sense of pride for both teams. It definitely brings joy to see the skill, the pride, the respect and the support today at the game.

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with another moment of joy! It is the simple things that make life wonderful, and the idea of #juneisforjoy is a lovely way of reminding us of the small things and to notice them and be grateful for them.

Joined Instagram

I have been on Facebook for years, but I kind of put my foot down and said no that’s too addictive as it is, I’m not joining other social medias. So no Twitter, no Instagram.

Then a few months ago, my sister-in-law was telling me how great this cleaning woman was on Instagram, so I joined. Followed a few cleaning sites. Didn’t really like anything they were doing, so never looked again.

Then a few weeks ago, the same sister-in-law told me about this really inspiring woman losing weight and was amazing to watch. So I started Instagram up again, unfollowed any of the people I wasn’t interested in. And followed the inspirational woman (Trisha’s Transformation in case you’re interested) – and yes she is amazing. Every single time I opened Instagram and saw her posts, she motivated me to exercise, or just stay on plan. She has lost so much weight and still has loads to go, but she is working so hard and is so bloody positive and motivated. She is inspiring.

So I decided that that was what my Instagram would be about, people or pages that I’m interested in and make me feel good and inspire me. I followed a few positive law of attraction type pages, and some planner hashtags, and a few other recommended weight loss journeys that people found great or had recipes.

Then I assessed how I felt about each of the pages that I had followed, and when they were in my feed. And so I unfollowed quite a few. For weight inspiration/motivation/ideas I’m left with Trisha’s Transformation, Joe Wicks Bodycoach and Karl Henry PT. I love the law of attraction quotes (although I did unfollow a few who seemed to take a negative slant towards other people). I still have two housecleaning type pages, that I’ve actually followed for years, through their blogs originally and using their print outs. Then last night I found some motivating money management pages, so I’m working out which ones I like enough to keep. Its not that the pages aren’t great, it’s more that it is not relevant to me, or motivating for me.

I am loving the fact that when I open Instagram I am given a boost of love, motivation and inspiration.