Ayurvedic Lifestyle

I’ve been listening to loads of interesting podcasts recently, and learning all sorts of things from them.

Last night I listened to Chloe Brotheridge’s podcast “Calmer You” episode 74 with Jo Webber from Pukka Herbs about Herbal Remedies for Anxiety.

I was really interested in the talk and I loved how Jo kept bringing the scientific research of modern day and linking it to how Ayurvedic medicine has been working for centuries. She really talked in a way that I already feel, but don’t have the information to back me up and to actually live that way. It completely re-sparked my interest in finding out more about herbal medicines and natural medicines.

I’ve always had an interest in natural remedies, and a few years ago I was at a talk where I was so interested in the topic I bought the book from him there and then, about Ayurvedic medicine.

However I think the book didn’t have a very good way of explaining it, and when I saw certain things about dairy I think it was, it kind of stopped me looking further into it.

I remembered also going to a massage course where they taught a type of Ayurvedic massage, which was fantastic.

Last night, listening to this podcast I decided that I am going to find more information about it so have just ordered loads of different books from the library, so that I can have a comprehensive look through them and see what I think and how it could be adapted into our lives.

I probably won’t have much time this side of Christmas, but will keep you updated as I go along. If anyone has any good resources or information about it all, let me know.

Small Steps… to get back on track!

So, it now count down to back to school, and I’ve realised that the last few months have just disappeared and I’ve really not done very much to work towards my health goals… so this week I’m going to start getting back on track. With a few small steps.

I am going to try to:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day
  • Bed by 11pm
  • Up by 8am
  • Listen to a meditation
  • Do Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s 5 minute kitchen workout each day

Looks like a simple enough list to complete, but even though I went to bed last night around 10.30pm it was midnight before I got to sleep because the baby decided she was getting up instead of going to stay asleep, which meant I didn’t get to bed by 11pm and I didn’t get to listen to my meditation, and I didn’t get up this morning until 8.30am because I was so exhausted (and actually went back to bed for a quick nap at 10am!)

But today is another day – and I’m going to do my best again!

New Month, New Goal for the Month

So March is just over, and March was my Month of Gratitude. I really enjoyed it, both for the fact of practicing gratitude, and also for the fact that it keep me posting and accountable to myself to keep posting through the month.

Now that we are in a new month I was wondering what my goal for the month should be. There are some things I want and need to get done at home, and preparing for my son’s communion, but it is also nice to be adding things here as well.

I was thinking what would I like to add to my life this month. I have been proud of myself this year so far in staying consistant with my exercise (possibly too consistant as it is not helping me lose weight!!) and I would like to improve on the rest of my healthy habits, so that is what I have decided that April will be – my Month of Healthy Habits. It won’t necessarily be a post a day about healthy habits, because I want to add them in slowly and implement them and give them time to become habits. I want to do this throughout the house, with myself, with my husband and with the children.

So welcome to April, my Month of Healthy Habits!! 🙂