Slowly starting to exercise

I got my varicose veins in one of my legs removed almost 4 weeks ago – and part of the recovery is that I need to take 3x 20min walks a day. This is a huge increase on my previous activity. I was probably getting one walk in most days, but definitely not every day.

So I’m making it a definite addition to my routine, and I am making sure that I get at least two walks in a day, if not all three.

And I’m loving it.

The walks are for circulation, not exercise. Is the way I was told about them. But I think that even at my slowish pace, it is exercise for me seeing as I’m starting off. After the last four weeks I’m starting to want to increase the speed a bit, but I’m also so conscious of my shin splints and making sure they don’t kick in and ruin all of this. Every single other time I have started an exercise routine, I do great for two or three weeks and then I increase by too much and the shin splints start and I have to take a break, often for weeks or months. I do not want that to happen. So I’m trying to keep it slow and steady!

I am noticing that I have more energy most days, and that it is great for my headspace and mental health to be getting out for the walks. Its been a great motivator to get me going.

Life is busy!

I’d love to get organised for getting on here and actually writing – but my god life is busy!

I’m a mum of 4 kids now. And a lot of days I feel I’m struggling. It is tough going. I’ve an almost 12 year old, an 8 year old, a 4 year old and a 5.5month old. They’re all at different stages, they all want to be doing different things at different times. But they all need to be fed and have their clothes washed – and they all make a mess lol! So my life kind of consists of running around bringing them to their activities, feeding them, cleaning up and doing laundry! Hard to fit anything else in. Particularly as the baby is hard work – she wants to be up and involved in everything all the time. She’s very active already, and you put her down and she pulls herself off her mats and across the floor – usually after dirty shoes!

On top of the day to day running of things here, I’m trying to sort out our finances, plan for Christmas (yes I know its only July, but we’ve a huge list!), do things with the kids, get some my dads accounts done and sort out our house – its so full of stuff, and it is very small (compact!), so I’d love to minimalise. And I’ve recently decided we really need to do more for our health and for the environment, and have taken to looking into eco-friendly alternatives. I currently have hundreds of tabs open on my computer and my phone – and my brain feels like that too!!

Oh and on top of that, I need to start looking after myself too, do something with my weight, eat healthy and exercise, work on my physio exercises for my pelvis and back and drink water. And thats only for my physical health, I need to take care of my mental health too, even having a bath or reading a book, or catching up with friends.

It’s all go here, but hopefully I’ll make it on here more!

Things are changing in this home!

My husband has got a job!

He had an accident 9 years and damaged his leg. He was self employed at the time. I was on maternity leave on our first child. He had to get a few operations, and he couldn’t work, so that was the end of the business. His leg never really healed fully, and he has issues with arthritis and other things so he never went back to the kind of work he used to do (very manual, building type work).

Over the past nine years he has worked on various things generally part time, he’s studied and learnt new skills, and I worked different jobs and went to college, up until after the Boy was born six years ago. Everything he has done has been extremely flexible, so I have had him home and as a support pretty much since we’ve had children.

But it has been tough. There has been very little money. We are extremely lucky, because things always work out for us, we have a great family and friends and I am so grateful for all that we have, and all we have had. So even though it was a struggle at times, we decided that we would “make do” on less money, so that he could be around for me and the kids – because the work that he does is long hours, long weeks and most of the work that has been available in that industry over the last few years has been abroad. He had already missed out on his “first family” when they were small, he didn’t want to do it again.

I’m not sure where his decision to go back to work came from, maybe it was just that he was talking to someone who told him about some work coming up and said he’d give it a go. Maybe it was just that he was fed up of never being able to “just buy something” – every unplanned purchase has a consequence in such a low budget. Whatever it was, he made the call. He got the job. He started back to work. This is his first full week. The days are long for him – he is leaving the house in the morning at 4.30am, and he is getting home between 8.30pm and 9pm in the evenings – after the children are in bed. He literally won’t see them awake from a Sunday evening until Saturday morning, unless I keep them up after their bedtimes. And he has to go to bed close to 10pm, so he has time to eat and wash and have a ten minute conversation with me and then he’s gone to bed.

It is a big change for all of us. It is going to be tough – but hopefully we will make it work. We’re going to have to make it work. People always say that relationships are tested when people are out of work, because they have to spend a lot more time together, and the money problems put more pressure on them. We’ve lived like that for years now and I think it has brought us closer. I am worried that not getting to spend as much time together is going to be tough for us. But as I keep saying, we are going to make it work.

New Years Scale Back

Ok so, this isn’t actually a post about New Years Resolutions, but it could be. Because I want to make some changes. I’ve decided I need to start to say no, and scale back. Scale back on how much I do, how busy I am.

I decided in September that I would start doing things again once the kids started back to school and I had time in the mornings – because the previous year I hadn’t been able to do much because the baby was small and I was so tired all the time. So in September, I started making plans for the morning – but the thing was that I didn’t give myself a chance to catch up on the house after the summer and after the wedding. I didn’t give myself any time to get myself back to normal – so I was constantly running around after myself trying to catch up on my day to day things. And then if there was an illness or event, it took double time to catch up on that (because I moved my meet ups/coffees/appointments to the following week and became doubly busy. It meant I enjoyed the time out of the house, but not the time at home or with the kids – because when I was home I was always behind.

So I am planning on scaling back on making plans, and making sure to keep on top of things at home first.

I am also going to scale back on food (as usual!) and on facebook time (because it drains my time) – and increase the exercise, and quality time with hubbie and the kids.

So they’re not New Year Resolutions, they’re a plan of action. Hopefully. For moving forward.

Happy New Year!

Belated Happy New Year to everyone!

The end of 2015, and the beginning of 2016 have been very busy indeed.

I had a few things that I wanted to wrap up and have out of the way before Christmas, and wedding thank you cards were very high on that list for me. I spent a few days and sat down and wrote them and sent them, it was a huge relief when they were sent. I really was so grateful for everything people did for us for the wedding that I wanted to make sure the year didn’t end without us sending the cards (I don’t have a great track record with thank you cards. I have bought them on each baby, and only on the last child did I actually manage to write them – and at that I only delivered about 75% of the writen cards!)

Our grand-daughter arrived last week (my step-grand-daughter, officially) and so we have been trying to help out and spend time with her and her parents. She is amazing, and I am hoping that having these grand-children (there’s another arriving within a month!) will help me ward off any more broodiness I may have for wanting more of my own!

Also our washing machine finally went kaput, so we have had no way of washing our clothes for the last week (luckily I was up to date before Christmas) – while working out what our options were going to be. But I have just ordered a new washing machine (which is actually a wedding present that my aunt and uncle realised would be needed soon!) so I am very excited about its arrival at the weekend. I would also say my step-mum will be happy to hear, as I arrived to her house today with 4 loads of laundry… I’ll bring the rest tomorrow!!

We had a lovely Christmas, and New Year. The kids were back to school this morning, and somehow I managed to get them there in one piece, with uniforms and lunches so a good start! I have so much that I want to do in 2016, and I’m looking forward to seeing what and how much do I actually manage to get done! x

A(nother) New Start!!

It’s September. New starts all round.

I should have posted this on Tuesday, the 1st of a new month – but as always I’m behind!

My little man started Junior Infants last week, and so I just have the baby at home now. The wedding is over, and we are back to normal routine – so my plans are to get the house in shape, get myself in shape (health, hobbies, routines), get this blog in shape and make the most of my time with the (now 18month old) baby, teaching her all the things the other two probably knew by now!!

I’m looking forward to it! 🙂