Chicken Pox!

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks inspecting my son, since Baba Z broke out in chicken pox. We’d had a visit from friends 2 weeks previous to that, where the following day one of the children broke out in chicken pox – meaning she was here when the child was most contagious. I didn’t mind at all, don’t mind having them out of the way. My eldest had them when the Boy was a baby so it was just the younger two.

Two weeks later – Baba Z got them. She was fine with them luckily. Gave her anti-histamines to keep the itching at bay, although she said they weren’t itchy, just tickley! I got a cream that I was recommended – Eurax, but she wouldn’t let me put it on her. I also gave her “oat baths” – where I put porridge oats into a new dish cloth and tied a hair bobbin on it so it didn’t fall out and put it into the bath with her.

The problem with chicken pox is that the child is contagious for the 2 to 3 days before the spots appear. So I was trying to keep plans at a minimum because I didn’t want to visit my Granny or families that hadn’t had chicken pox – in case the Boy then broke out in them. He was slightly off form over the weekend so I didn’t bring him to football training or a friends party in case. And then on Sunday night there was the faintest sign of a red mark on his back…. so I kept him home from school. And then on Tuesday the marks turned into the chicken pox spots. Phew… I’m glad I wasn’t being a completely paranoid hypochondriac mother!! 🙂 And at least he’ll now have them done and dusted and out of the way. Fingers crossed.


Happy Valentines Day!

I was woken (well, I waited in bed because I heard what was going on!) with a lovely beautiful breakfast in bed brought by my wonderful three children. The hubby was long gone to work, so it was all them (in particular the 10yr old Miss Q). They had make cards this morning for me too.


It was a lovely start to the day. Hopefully a sign of more wonderful things to come. 🙂

I had strawberry laces put into their lunch boxes as a surprise with a little note and cut out hearts. Which I know Miss Q will appreciate, but not so sure that the Boy will!

And I am doing a roast chicken dinner for the hubby for later – on a Tuesday – as a special treat. And have some yummy after school snacks for the kids. We’re spoiling ourselves and each other. So all in all looks like a lovely day.

I’ve seen a lot of posts today about loving yourself, and I think that is so important, and partly why this year I am putting more effort into special details for the kids. I saw this article about helping children to start loving themselves and I think that we will be making some Valentines Cards for ourselves after school as well.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

Everybody is different

I have come to realise that my mental health is definitely linked to two different factors – my home and my body size. By my home I mean the mess and disorganisation. These bother me hugely these days.

I was in a friends house last weekend and her house is beautiful, fully finished and fully organised and spotless, and that spurred me to get a move on with more organisation in my house. I also started looking at bits and pieces of finishing touches for some of the rooms, and putting plans into place, so I’m hoping that will all help with the house.

But we also got to talking, and I was saying I was a bit “not myself” at the moment, and that I know its because I’ve put on a bit of weight around my tummy since Christmas. She thought it was interesting that it bothered me so much, because she was saying that when she was at her skinniest for her friends weddings, it make no difference to her feelings or happiness than when she was at her heaviest. Whereas I notice my weight/size at every part of my day, and it affects me.

It really got me thinking how different we all are, and how different things affect us differently. It shows that we need to look at what is important to us, and what affects us and then try to make our lives fit in accordingly. Not to think that what makes one person happy will work for us.

I think this is also important for new mums and people around new mums to understand. I have a lot of new mums around me at the moment so it is in my head. Even last week I was at playgroup and talking to two mums, one with a newborn and the other has older children, including a teenager. This experienced mum was saying to the new mum that this time with a newborn is the best time of your life and to enjoy it, but I was getting the feeling that the new mum was actually started to get a bit antsy and maybe a bit bored because she’d mentioned thinking about starting doing a bit of work again soon. The other mum was saying not to even think about it and just enjoy this time with the baby.

While I agree personally myself that you should sit under the baby and enjoy every moment, I also understand the mundanity and boredom that comes with a newborn when you only have one child (it all changes when you’ve older children, and you’d love to be just able to concentrate on the newborn!). I myself was back working for our family business when my first baby was a few weeks old. I regretted it afterwards but at the time it didn’t phase me.

I think one mum pushing the other mum to just enjoy the baby, if that mum isn’t enjoying all the time with the baby, can make her think that there is something wrong with her feelings and with her. I think we all need to make sure if we’re giving advice to a new mum, or anyone really, that you allow that person to know that it is just your opinion and they could find something else works for them. And in general, just to remember we are all different and what works and affects one person might not another.

This Blog Name

Mama Fee’s Happy Healthy Home

It is not named that because I necessarily HAVE a happy, healthy home – it is named that because I WANT a happy, healthy home.

All three of them – a happy home, and a healthy home and very importantly, it to be a home.

I don’t know whether I decided on this name because I wanted people to think that I had it all, that I had it all under control – or whether I wanted it to be inspirational, to myself. Probably the latter. I’ve never really been one for pretending that motherhood, or being a stay-at-home mum is easy all the time, so I would guess that I was hoping that it would inspire me to implement more happiness and healthy routines in our house, our home.

At this stage, the blog hasn’t become a routine for me, that I’m constantly updating – I’m often thinking of things to write about, taking photos on my phone to go back to and write about – but with all the madness that goes on in our lives, I just don’t get the chance to.

I have decided to stop putting as much pressure on myself – pressure on myself to organise the house, to lose weight, to update the blog, to eat healthier, to exercise, to have better routines, etc., etc., etc…. I’m continuously putting pressure on myself to do these things, and then not getting any of it done and then its a negative thing, bringing me down. If I don’t put pressure on myself and instead just slowly work on things, slowly they become positive things – and the positive things will build me up.

And so far this year, since I’ve pulled the pressure off myself a bit, I have got a lot done… so onwards and upwards! I’ll keep hacking away at everything, getting a little bit of everything done and being happy with my small achievements – because they’ll all add up – and they’re all getting me closer to getting my happier, healthier home!

New Years Scale Back

Ok so, this isn’t actually a post about New Years Resolutions, but it could be. Because I want to make some changes. I’ve decided I need to start to say no, and scale back. Scale back on how much I do, how busy I am.

I decided in September that I would start doing things again once the kids started back to school and I had time in the mornings – because the previous year I hadn’t been able to do much because the baby was small and I was so tired all the time. So in September, I started making plans for the morning – but the thing was that I didn’t give myself a chance to catch up on the house after the summer and after the wedding. I didn’t give myself any time to get myself back to normal – so I was constantly running around after myself trying to catch up on my day to day things. And then if there was an illness or event, it took double time to catch up on that (because I moved my meet ups/coffees/appointments to the following week and became doubly busy. It meant I enjoyed the time out of the house, but not the time at home or with the kids – because when I was home I was always behind.

So I am planning on scaling back on making plans, and making sure to keep on top of things at home first.

I am also going to scale back on food (as usual!) and on facebook time (because it drains my time) – and increase the exercise, and quality time with hubbie and the kids.

So they’re not New Year Resolutions, they’re a plan of action. Hopefully. For moving forward.

Wasn’t prepared!

I was completely unprepared for “Back to School” after Christmas!

The kids went back to school on Wednesday and I was up early and ready and able to go about the day, even though I was exhausted. I didn’t manage an early night because we took down the Christmas decorations after the kids went to bed, and that took until midnight!

On Thursday I could barely drag myself out of bed to get the kids to school on time, and when I got home I had to take a nap with Baba Z – I think I slept longer than her, and I was still exhausted and a write off for the day.

And today, I didn’t get up – the hubbie did the school run…

Usually I would start getting back into routine at least a week before getting back to school, trying to get early nights and up early – but this time over Christmas I let the kids completely out of routine, late nights and late mornings – and I didn’t ease back into early mornings. And I’m paying for it now 🙂

How do you do it? Do you ease yourself back in, or just get back into routine when the time comes?