Trying To Get Organised Ahead of Time

So I am always a last minute type person, in general. And this year I have definitely been worse than usual.

And June is always a busy month. All the end of school year things to get sorted, like teacher presents and then there’s Fathers Day in the middle of it all. I try to have the kids make homemade gifts for their teachers, generally food, so that there is a bit of a personal touch and also that the teachers don’t get any extra crap that they don’t want or need! But of course it is always last minute, and that turns into a stress and a rush.

So this year I am trying to think about what we can do, and is there anything that we can do in advance for them. And also for Fathers Day – that I can organise presents, so maybe I can actually give my Dad something on time, as opposed to about three weeks late!

I think that I am hoping that if I can manage to be partly organised on some of the things that I do need to get done in advance, then things won’t be as stressful and busy and I will have time to look after myself too. Things have been so busy that I haven’t had any time to even think of myself, and as I was saying yesterday I am feeling quite down. So I am trying to implement things that might help me feel better! 🙂

New Years Scale Back

Ok so, this isn’t actually a post about New Years Resolutions, but it could be. Because I want to make some changes. I’ve decided I need to start to say no, and scale back. Scale back on how much I do, how busy I am.

I decided in September that I would start doing things again once the kids started back to school and I had time in the mornings – because the previous year I hadn’t been able to do much because the baby was small and I was so tired all the time. So in September, I started making plans for the morning – but the thing was that I didn’t give myself a chance to catch up on the house after the summer and after the wedding. I didn’t give myself any time to get myself back to normal – so I was constantly running around after myself trying to catch up on my day to day things. And then if there was an illness or event, it took double time to catch up on that (because I moved my meet ups/coffees/appointments to the following week and became doubly busy. It meant I enjoyed the time out of the house, but not the time at home or with the kids – because when I was home I was always behind.

So I am planning on scaling back on making plans, and making sure to keep on top of things at home first.

I am also going to scale back on food (as usual!) and on facebook time (because it drains my time) – and increase the exercise, and quality time with hubbie and the kids.

So they’re not New Year Resolutions, they’re a plan of action. Hopefully. For moving forward.

Christmas Planning!

I LOVE Christmas!

I refuse to start decorating, or “getting in the spirit” until December…. but I start planning ages in advance.

We have a big family, we have a lot of people to buy for, and a lot of days to organise…. which of course costs a lot of money, but also takes a lot of organising, and can cause a lot of stress if I don’t feel I’m sorted early enough!!

Every year I feel that I leave certain things until the last minute – and therefore the following year I strive to be more organised. It means then I can enjoy December and all the festive celebrations properly!

Our first tradition of the season (actually starts before December!) is that on the last Friday of November, “The Toy Show” is on. This is an Irish television programme where children play with toys and show them to the presenter, there is some music and dancing and a bit of audience participation… with lots of prizes thrown in (cue “and there’s one for everyone in the audience”) – and our kids are allowed stay up late for this, as we were as children, with a big box of Christmas sweets. And I set up mini Christmas trees in the kids rooms for them to start it all off.

The rest of the decorations then go up on the 1st of December, except the tree which is around the 8th.

What do you think, is it too early for Christmas planning or discussion?