10th June (June is For Joy!)

Made a cheesecake for my niece’s birthday as a surprise and she was delighted with it. Love making someone feel special, it makes me feel good too.

And my daughter’s friends mum rang and offered to take my daughter to the football match tomorrow evening that is an hour away, and I was dreading to be honest because I’d have had all the kids with me, so I am so delighted that I don’t have to, really really happy about that. Such a small thing and will make such a difference to us all. (There you go, someone else doing something to help me out!)

June is for Joy! #juneisforjoy

June is for Joy!

Love love love this!

I only saw this today, so that is why I’m starting this late! But it is just a lovely idea, and to be honest it is exactly what I need at the moment. Another daily reason to post something that brings joy (and hence gratitude).

It’s not my idea, I saw it on Instagram this morning, on the thefinancialdiet page – and didn’t even get to read their full post (I’m planning on going back to it!), but just absolutely loved the idea – and all day I have been thinking about keeping June is for joy in my mind, and I love it.

So I’m going to try to post a daily moment of joy here, and because it is going to be such a busy busy month, I am not going to pressure on myself to post every single day (even though I will try to) but I am going to allow myself catch up… like I’m doing today, catching up on these first three days of June!

On the 1st of June, my longest time (not oldest lol) friend came to visit with her two little children and we had a lovely day together catching up. She has been living abroad for years and years now, and has only just moved back recently. It was such a lovely day with her, and it brings such joy to me to spend time with her and even more to know that she will be around and much more accessible to me to see more from now on! We’ve been lucky if we managed to see each other once a year for the last two decades almost. She makes me feel positive about myself and my life, and is just on my level without any pressure.

On the 2nd of June, yesterday, I brought my son and grandson to the cinema. Well I didn’t actually go in, my 12yr old brought them in. But it was a birthday treat (for my April born son!) that has been getting more and more delayed so I was delighted to get to finally follow through on my promise, and I had to entertain my small two girls in the shopping centre while they were watching the movie – which was fun and difficult in equal measures, we had coffee and cake and looked in some shops….. while the baby screamed and attempted to run away, a lot. And even though it was a busy day I also managed to bake some things for my daughters cake sale (for today) which felt like a giant win because I usually have great intentions and never manage to follow through!

And today, 3rd of June, it was all about my daughter and her football. Her team won the County Championship this morning, and then this afternoon there was a fun day fundraiser (hence the cake baking yesterday!) for the whole team to go to an all Ireland football weekend at the end of the month, that they got through to go to from our county. My daughter didn’t even get to play in this mornings game, but it was a close match and the girls all played so well that there was such a sense of pride for both teams. It definitely brings joy to see the skill, the pride, the respect and the support today at the game.

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with another moment of joy! It is the simple things that make life wonderful, and the idea of #juneisforjoy is a lovely way of reminding us of the small things and to notice them and be grateful for them.

Day 24 of My Month of Gratitude


  1. My Husband
  2. My Children
  3. My Step-Children
  4. My Step-Grandchildren
  5. My Family
  6. My Friends
  7. My Home
  8. Our Utilities
  9. Our Health
  10. Education
  11. Coffee
  12. Technology
  13. Being Alive
  14. Baby Smiles and Laughs
  15. Special Occasions
  16. Healthcare
  17. Being Irish
  18. Being a SAHM
  19. Chocolate
  20. Books
  21. Online Recipes
  22. Sunshine
  23. Online Shopping
  24. Grandparents

This one could look like cheating as family is already in there, but on a Sunday morning my father comes and collects my kids for a “Grandad Adventure” and brings them off to do something for a few hours. What they do range from going for lunch and cake, to going to do some work in the workshop, to walking in the forest, finding where a river starts to collecting fruit from bushes. They love their Sunday adventure with Grandad, who they have wrapped around their fingers, and Dad loves his time with them – and I love my Sunday morning without them and usually with just my husband when we make an effort to go and get a coffee together (with the baby!).

I have always felt that grandparents are such an important addition to a childs life. I was so lucky growing up to have my Granny who was there for me always. I cherish that. And I am delighted that my children have great relationships with my mother, my father and my step-mother. My mum minded my eldest daughter when she was small, coming with me and the baby when I was working at events in different areas of the country or keeping her in her house when I was doing office work. It created a great bond between the two of them.

On my the other side, my husbands mum died 6 years ago and it is heartbreaking that they missed out on having the relationship with her. She loved the boys in particular and would have loved my son and sometimes when he is being a bit overlooked by others I wish she was here to dote on him, because she would have. She would have got great fun out of my two cheeky smaller girls because she had a wicked sense of humour and would have really had fun with them. It is such a pity that she is not around for them to have got to know her, or for her to have added another aspect to their lives.

I am so grateful that my children do still have grandparents (including a great-grandmother, my Granny!) around and actively involved in their lives, I am grateful for them and I am grateful for the support that they offer me at times, knowing that there is a safe second home they can be dropped to if I’m not around, or a lift home for them from school. It is the small things in life, and the Sunday Grandad Adventure makes me so happy and grateful.

Day 5 of My Month of Gratitude

Day 5, you can probably guess where this is going, you’ll notice the theme of what I am most grateful for.

  1. My Husband
  2. My Children
  3. My Step-Children
  4. My Step-Grandchildren
  5. My Family
  6. .
  7. .
  8. .

I am lucky to have a lot of extended family who love me very much. I myself grew up in a blended family, and from a very early age I had a step-mother so I have extra family there too.

I’m very lucky to know, and to have always known, how much I am loved by my father, mother and step-mother, and I am very grateful for having them in my life.  All three of them have helped to shape me into the person that I am today, and I am thankful for that. I love the relationship that they have with my children, they are loving and kind grandparents who are involved with my children. As my step-mother had children when she met my father, and then they had a child together, I ended up going from an only child to having a family which is wonderful, as the benefits stretch into nieces and nephews and sister/brother-inlaws. Often other people can find it strange that a lot of my close family aren’t blood related, but that is the way it has always been for me and family is a lot more than just blood, it is about love.

I have lots of extended family from aunts and uncles to cousins, nieces and nephews, my Granny, grand-aunts and uncles, second and third cousins, step-aunts/uncles/cousins, step-grandfather and so on. It is always around certain occasions that I get reminded of how lucky I am with so many lovely family members. A family reunion or function often, or a birthday when the messages and calls come in and always at Christmas. December is a month full of me being so grateful for so much love. We have three main family events at Christmas, where we spend time with each side of the family, and I always come away from each of them feeling so happy to have such warm and loving family around me, that warm fuzzy feeling! When people make an effort to spend time with you for a family event it really shows their love for you.

I am really grateful for all of my family, I am so lucky to have so many diverse, interesting and loving family members.


Little Quirks

We all have funny little quirks about us, which we may like or not like.

What I am finding lovely is seeing some of these in my kids, because I passed them straight to them. Physical ones.

My thumbs bend back a bit, unlike my mums thumb which is beautiful and straight and looks so elegant compared to mine. I never really liked my thumbs. But now when I’m feeding the baby, and she is holding my thumb with her little hand wrapped around with the very same little thumb as mine, just in miniature version, I’m in love with my thumb – because its my babys thumb too. And all my children have it I think (will have to double check the older two, but definitely the younger two do!)

And the nail on my second toe also is different to all my other nails. If it gets too long, it curls back in towards my toe, instead of growing straight out like the rest of them. All my kids have the same, on their second toe, the nail bends in to the toe if it gets too long.

I just love it. I know there is similiarities in looks and all other aspects too, but these little quirks are things other people wouldn’t know about or notice, and I just think it is so special.